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Outline the factors influencing fertitlity rates

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´╗┐Veronica Shepherd Outline the factors influencing fertility rates There are numerous factors influencing fertility rates in a country or area. These factors can be due to the political agendas of a country, economic reasons, natural causes or local cultural practices. The fertility rates of a country can be due to the political environment of a country and the laws a government puts in place to either increase or decrease birth rates. The growth rate of a country may be to large for local services to tolerate, so the government may encourage couples to have less children with incentives such as better housing, payments or tax cuts. The government may even enforce radical measures such as limiting the number of children a couple can have. An example of such radical measures is the ?one child policy? in China. In 1979 the Chinese government felt that the country was overpopulated so made a series of laws to slow down growth. ...read more.


By 1966 the communist government to extreme measures to raise the birth rate such as banning abortions, making divorce impossible, banning contraceptives and taxing those over 25 without children. It worked and by 1983 the birth rate had risen to 14.3 per 1000. In the 1980?s more methods were taken such as forced medical exams for women every month, lowering the marriage age to 15 and higher taxes for those without children. Though after the downfall of communism in 1989 the birth rate fell to around 1.3 per 1000, causing the population to go back into decline. The birth rates of a country can also be affected by the economic state of a country. During recessions the number of children born per year usually declines. This is due to couples not being able to afford to care for more children due to being made redundant, receiving a pay cut or not wanting to take the financial risks involved with raising a child. ...read more.


The religious beliefs in the Philippines means there are few abortions, little use of contraceptives and younger married couples. The education of woman is also a huge factor in birth rates of a region. According to studies the more educated a woman is the less children she is likely to have (with a few abnormalities). As more and more women are going to study at a tertiary level the birth rate of many countries are expected to decline into a negative population growth. As this birth rate declines so does the number of children that is socially accepted to have by a couple. There are a variety of different reasons that affect the birth rates of a country. Though many governments are trying to raise and stabilise the population growth rate, the average birth rate is continuing to decline. This is predominately due to the increased number of educated women, the decline of religion as a major part of people?s life and the current state of the economy. ...read more.

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