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Part of the 'WhenI'm 64' investigation.

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Back to the future Part of the 'When I'm 64' investigation JAMES LEVESON LAD The world's population is growing rapidly. Every 10 seconds the world's population increases by 20 people. The world's population today is 6.3 billion people. If it carries on rising like it is now, in 50 years it will be 9 billion. STATEMENT DISCUSSION STATEMENT 1: More and more mothers are looked after by qualified doctors or midwives when they have babies. According to the 2002 world census, skilled personnel attend 59% of all births. Fewer die if doctors look after them after child birth. As rate of childbirth has increased, so infant mortality has gone down. Good for those who survive and their families but the population increases even faster creating more problems. STATEMENT 2: There are more medical cures for diseases. Smallpox is no longer found in any country, and we are able to treat diseases like malaria with a great deal of success. Again, as fewer people die, this is good for the people and their families. A quick cure also saves money looking after sick people. The world however, does suffer overall. The population rises as a result of medical advances and cures reduce fatalities so making the world more crowded but putting more pressure on medical services. STATEMENT 3: More and more families use birth control so that they can decide how many children to have, and when they have them. ...read more.


However, the people are affected too. There is no need for people to die in a famine, that's what most NGO's or Charities aim is, they supply food and Medicine to the LEDC's to help wipe out the famine. But, although it does affect the population drastically at a terrible cost, it does reduce the world population. STATEMENT 9: Women are increasingly educated across the world. Educated woman have fewer children and are less likely to die at childbirth. When women are educated, they get better jobs, get richer, and have fewer children because they know more about safe sex and protected sex. This is good for the people and the population itself. It reduces the population without death, so it is one of the perfect solutions. STATEMENT 10: Standards of living are rising for about half of the world's population. More and more people are better off. Better off families tend to be smaller, but they consume more things such as energy and resources. Although the side effects are damaging, this statement does reduce the population. As people who are better off have fewer children, their affluence increases and they use much more energy. On the other hand, the consumption of energy will eventually use up natural resources unevenly with less benefit to the poor. But if the population of the world reduces, there are advantages. ...read more.


We may be living underground or under the water, we may have new sources of food and energy - we just do not know. I personally am an optimist - we will cope - we have in the past and I think we will in the future. However, we do need to do something soon on population, food, energy and in our care for those who live in poverty, WILL THE WORLD BE A BETTER PLACE? This question is hard to answer because it depends on many things. First, will people learn to live together peacefully or will war break out again? If it does, and weapons of mass destruction are used, the world will quickly be wiped out. Secondly, will enough assistance and aid be sent to LEDCS to improve basic needs, like farming, education, health care? Everyone must understand about over-population and be willing to work towards dealing with the problem. Third, will technology develop soon enough to replace resources like oil and gas that will run out with enough re-usable energy? I hope that the world will deal with these questions sensibly. If they do, it will be a better place. If we do not deal with these issues properly, there is a risk that everything will just collapse: society, economy, industry and many other things. It all depends, if all governments come together and work together, the world will be a better place - without a war as governments try to find food to feed their people - with peace. ...read more.

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