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Patterns of food and drink choices across the USA

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II. Popular Food Customs * People in country with more developed economy are likely to have income, time, & inclination to facilitate greater adoption of pop. culture A. Alcohol and fresh produce 1. Consumption of large quantities of alcoholic beverages & snack foods are characteristic of food customs of popular societies 2. Amount of alcohol, snacks consumed, & preferences for types vary by region within MDCs 3. Americans- choose beverage/snacks usually by what is produced, grown, or imported locally a. Alcohol 1. Bourbon -upper South (most of it is produced) 2. Rum- East Coast (arrives from Caribbean) 3. Canadian Whiskey- communities close to Canada b. ...read more.


Westerners- multigrain chips- greater concern for nutritional content 5. Geographers can't explain all regional variations in food preferences 6. Consumption of alcohol &snack foods dependent on high income and national advertising 7. Variations within U.S. much less significant than differences between the U.S. & LDCs in Africa & Asia B. Wine production 1. Spatial distribution demonstrates the environment plays a role in the distribution of popular as well as folk food customs 2. Wines' characteristics- unique combination of climate, soil, and other physical characteristics at the place where the grapes are grown 3. Vineyards a. best in temperate climates of moderately cold, rainy winters & fairly long, hot summers b. ...read more.


Present- wine made in locations that have a tradition of excellence in making it & people who like to drink it & can afford to purchase it b. Social custom of wine production in much of France & Italy- back to at least the Roman Empire c. Wine consumption decline after the Fall of Rome (many vineyards destroyed) d. Monasteries preserved wine-making tradition 6. Vineyards typically owned by private individuals & corporations rather than religious organizations 7. Wine production discouraged in regions dominated by religions other than Christianity a. Hindus & Muslims- avoid alcohol: limited production in Middle East (other than Israel) & southern Asia *Distribution of wine production shows that the diffusion of popular customs depends less on the distinctive environment of a location than on the presence of beliefs, institutions, and material traits conductive to accepting those customs ...read more.

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