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Personally, I would like to say that the film with the better sequence is Saving Private Ryan because it shows us the detail of what really goes on if you were to be at that specific location

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BIGGEST BLOCKBUSTER YET!!! On the beach in Northern France, an American Soldier searches frantically for his lost arm. Gunshots emerge from all angles of the screen. As this soldier helplessly goes from one place to another, there are more dead bodies piling up on Omaha Beach in Northern France. As this soldier collects his separated arm from the battlefield and walks off into the horizon, Tom Hanks enters a rather explosive battle. He leads his men into battle with nothing more than guns and a helmet. This is Spielberg's view of D-Day. The 'Longest Day' directed by Daryl Zarwuck in 1962. It doesn't use colour and begins this scene at the moment of landing on Omaha Beach with gunshots firing at you. The tank-traps which are placed in the water are abnormally large compared to modern day ones. Although this film is black and white, the shading of the sky tells us that's its bright and possibly sunny. The film sequence begins at sea with rough waves but nice weather. ...read more.


Where as the areas in the shadows might be that the areas that are dangerous. The sound-track helps us establish a lot in this film because of the pace of the music and the style. It tells the audience whether or not the place the characters are in is dangerous depending on the music or sound being played. The weapons the characters carry varies from one person to another because only the soldiers of a high rank would carry one. The setting/landscape of this film is important because you are shown the important objects that reflect what is going on in the film. The film 'Saving Private Ryan' directed by Steven Spielberg in1998. It is set in 1944 but made in 1998 because it uses colour and more modern of the two films. It begins this scene on a boat where the soldiers are on a boat eating and drinking before landing on the Omaha Beach in Northern France. Some of the soldiers are sea-sick which means that they don't want to come to battle but are forced to come. ...read more.


The sound-track tells us when something is happening and will affect the audience's point of view of the screen. This is important because the sound-track may make us want to predict what's happening in this scene before anything happens. In this film, Steven Spielberg uses colour to show us the most important parts of the scene because although light can show us something, colour far passes it really makes us feel what's going on. The setting/landscape is important because it may highlight something that is dangerous and about to happen to one of the characters. Finally, I would like to say that both of these directors achieved this film very well because they handled the point of landing in two different yet in a complex sort of way. Personally, I would like to say that the film with the better sequence is Saving Private Ryan because it shows us the detail of what really goes on if you were to be at that specific location at the time when it is happening. Also, the fact that this film was in colour because it helps the audiences know what is actually happening, like blood from leaking out of the bodies. ...read more.

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