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Persuasive Coursework - When it comes to perusing voters at both national and local elections a dominant feature of the parties' programmes are their proposals for issues relating to the environment.

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Persuasive Coursework When it comes to perusing voters at both national and local elections a dominant feature of the parties' programmes are their proposals for issues relating to the environment. Most people today are aware of the impact that our usage of the world's resources is having on our immediate environment and on the world in general. We are aware of the poisoning of our rivers and seas, the eradication of the rainforests and global warming. We know we contribute to this process; yet how far can we as individuals be held accountable for this when we appear to have little support at local and national levels to play out part in the preservation of the planet? Are the governments addressing these issues or merely depicting themselves as environmentalists to gain votes and win popular support? ...read more.


This seems to be a workable scheme. Local government seems to be taking some small steps towards helping the environment and the fact that the rubbish in blue bins is no longer being disposed of in landfill sites is a bonus. However problems arise when the tenant who's black bin is filled after a weeks usage is left wit bin liners full of disposable waster and no place to but them. After a days work, most house holders do not wish to drive to the local dump, assuming they have a car, which may be closed by the time they arrive home from work anyway. This leads to the disillusionment of those people on the scheme. They recall when the bins where collected weekly and if a garage or something like that is not available to store them in, the next choice would be the back yard. ...read more.


The production and disposal of such appliances has obvious repercussions on the environment. Another example of government deceit is the continual inflation of fuel prices at every budget. The claim is that we will use less fuel. Yet people still have to heat their homes, make the same journey to work and pay out more to do these things with no alternative provision provided. I have only briefly considered several issues concerning environmental preservation or rather, the lack of it. In conclusion politicians and governments express concern with regard to these issues and promise to address them. However it seems that they merely masquerade such things, thinking they have struck a chord with voters. However, their failure to put in place proper structures to deal with the issues raised only leads to disillusionment and irritation with regard to these matters on the part of the voter. Laura McGillicuddy 12A ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Global Interdependence & Economic Transition section.

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