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Pfizer, Kent (UK)The European Headquarters for Research & Development, and the Global Manufacturing main site.

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Pfizer, Kent (UK) The European Headquarters for Research & Development, and the Global Manufacturing main site Pfizer discovers1, develops and manufactures life enhancing and life saving pharmaceuticals for both humans and animals. The company has sales in over 150 countries, and operates in over 30 countries with a combined workforce of over 90,000 people. The company's portfolio of pharmaceuticals includes a number of products that have made significant contributions to healthcare in the areas of diabetes, heart and lungs, mental health, sexual health and pain relief. In the UK, the scientist at Pfizer have constantly discovered and developed over 30% of the companies' portfolio worldwide. This has included some important drugs discovered at Sandwich facility. Pfizer Ltd directly employs 6,000 people throughout the UK across five divisions: 1. Research & Development (PGRD) 2. Production (PGM) 3. Pfizer animal health 4. Consumer group 5. Sales & marketing (PGP) Pfizer Global Research & Development (PGRD) The Research & Development division for Pfizer Ltd is located at Sandwich facility in Kent, Where scientists are engaged in the scientific discovery and development of new pharmaceuticals. The company is undertaking research in a range of therapeutic disease areas and is involved in developing future potential medicines including cancer, cardiovascular disease and smoking cessation. The companies' span for full research and development process includes identification of potential therapeutic compounds, laboratory and pre production scale development and trials to prove the efficacy and safety. The organization occupies a 340-acre site close to the ancient cinque port of Sandwich in Kent. There are approximately 3,600 staff based at this site, 2,700 of whom are currently employed in research and development. The remaining 900 people work in the manufacturing division who produce human and animal medicines as well as consumer health products in bulk and final dosage form. Pfizer's first research operation at Sandwich was established in 1957. Since then, the site has expanded in three waves of investment, in 1972-78, 1988-94 and the current phase, which began in 1996. ...read more.


Pfizer - A World-Class Innovator and Exporter:- Innovative thinking has enabled Pfizer to provide disease management programmes that treat both illness and the patient. Four of the company's top ten products are world-leading pharmaceuticals discovered by scientists at the Pfizer discovery and development campus, at Sandwich in Kent. The spirit of innovation has propelled every success; it pervades everything, from finance and manufacturing to information technology and product distribution. In April 2001, Pfizer Limited, the UK subsidiary of Pfizer Inc, received its sixth Queen's Award for Enterprise. This award for innovation was given to Pfizer for the discovery and development of VIAGRA(tm) (sildenafil) used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Two other Queen's Awards, both for Technological Achievement through the discovery of new medicines, were received by Pfizer in 1979 for MANSIL(tm) (oxamniquine) a treatment for a parasitic disease and in 1991 for DIFLUCAN(tm) (fluconazole) a treatment for fungal infections. These products earn substantial royalties on their worldwide sales, as well as these, for every �1 earned by Pfizer from its UK sales, a further �2.66 was earned from export markets in 2001. Pfizer has been presented with Queen's Awards for International Trade (formerly Queen's Award for Export) in 1993, 1997 and 2000. Careers in Pfizer Global Research and Development Pfizer - Major UK Employer:- Pfizer Limited has been in the UK since the 1950's. Currently 6,000 people are employed in the discovery, development, manufacture and marketing of human and animal medicines, 3,600 of whom are based at the Sandwich site, in Kent3. This makes Pfizer one of the largest employers in the area and the backbone of the local economy. As a result, the total number of jobs supported by Pfizer, either directly or through the effects of its expenditure, is over 30,000 people. Thus, for every one person who is directly employed by Pfizer Limited, there are nearly five more jobs supported by the company's activities in the UK. ...read more.


3. Local schools were benefiting from school's projects success sponsored by Pfizer at sandwich Kent where one of the schools named Margate secondary school is benefited from new facilities donated by Pfizer and dozens of its volunteers4. A spacious IT suite, a fully equipped radio station and family center are housed Portakabins at Hartsdown Technology College. 4. Mini fairs organized by Local organizations like Headway, Thanet Disabled Riding Center, National Autistic Society, Health walks and the East Kent Social & partnership NHS trust seeking volunteers to help in their work was organized at Pfizer's sandwich site and recruited Pfizer colleagues to help them. The events were the latest of its kind held as part of the Pfizer reaching out programme. This enables people to help local community organizations by giving them an additional 5 days leave/ year to perform tasks. 5. Pfizer is one of the main fundraisers for a new cancer care center in Margate celebrated breaking the 1 million pound barrier during October 2005 and continuing to support the appeal by giving technical advice on equipping the seminar room, which has been sponsored by the company, and encouraged others to find ways of assisting the appeal. 6. Pfizer at sandwich is helping older people stay active and healthy and helped in opening sandwich center for the retired. 7. Pfizer contributed to the Orangutan Foundation, a charity that aims to protect the animals in the country's rainforest and national park in Borneo. 8. Pfizer is keen to partner education and support education, particularly aimed at supporting maths and science teaching in communities where employees live and prepares future scientists for employment. 9. The volunteers from Pfizer have been involved in Seashore Safaris and beach cleans with the Thanet Coast project in the past few years. Overall in recent years 40% of the budget was devoted to supporting health related projects. Another 5% is spent on sports based schemes. Also the company has supported the Kent Bus initiative in a number of schools, it sponsors an award programmee or Kent school governors and is major sponsor of the Marlowe Academy in Ramsgate. ...read more.

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