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AS and A Level: Atmosphere & Weathering

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  1. Acid rain study

    2.9 Lemons 2.5 Lowest recorded acid rain 2.4 Dilute nitric acid 1.0 Acidic substances such as sulphuric acid can react easily with metals such as potassium. When it reacts it can be dangerous and can burn and destroy the metal completely. Acidity is measured using a pH scale from 1 to 14.An alkaline substance would about 9 to 14 and an acid substance 1 to 4. Neutral substances are of pH value 7. The acid in acid rain is very weak and dilute as it is mixed with a large amount of water in the atmosphere.

    • Word count: 3660
  2. A comparison of Fluvial and Glacial Sediments (deposits).

    I will measure the length of a slip off slope (and moraine vertically if possible). The length divided by twenty, will be the length of the intervals for my measurements. At each interval I will proceed to measure these factors. I. Roundness II. Orientation III. Length of the B axis. (stone width) IV. Composition By doing this I will collect sufficient evidence to support or disprove my hypothesis from the results. I am going to use twenty readings to give me an accurate sample of the whole geographical feature. Points to note: Glen Rosa is a NTS (National Trust Scotland)

    • Word count: 4720
  3. Spider Monkey description.

    It will be dependent on its mother's milk for 2 years. Their lifespan in the wild is about 27 years. Spider monkeys are fruigivorous preferring a diet of 90% fruit and seeds, feeding on the mature soft parts of a wide variety of fruits in which the seeds are swallowed along with the fruit. They also eat young leaves, flowers, aerial roots, sometimes bark and decaying wood, as well as honey. Spider monkeys use several different types of locomotion: quadrupedal, using all four limbs for locomotion as seen while walking or running; suspensory locomotion used when hanging, climbing or moving through the trees and bipedalism, using only two limbs when leaping.

    • Word count: 9754
  4. The aim of this project was to investigate what differences exist in temperatures in the local area, and to consider the effects of certain geographical aspects on these.

    However it would be unlikely for an Australian to experience a white Christmas, because Christmas Day in the southern hemisphere falls in the middle of their summer, and one of their hottest months of the year! This is because their part of the planet is tilting in the direction of the Sun, and so it is closer to it and easier to heat up. A similar reason can be used to explain the variation in temperatures of a place at different times of day.

    • Word count: 5046

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