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Investigate the rate of which lava flows down the side of a volcano and what affects the rate of which it flows.

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Lava Flow Aim My aim is to investigate the rate of which lava flows down the side of a volcano and what affects the rate of which it flows. Planning In this investigation there are many different variables these are; * Angle of slope * Surface of volcano * The amount of lava * The temperature of the lava * The environmental conditions * The viscosity of the lava * How far it has to flow * The force of the eruption I have decided to investigate the angle of the slope because I will be doing the investigation in a school lab. So I will not be able to use real lava or a real volcano so I will use golden syrup instead of lava and a tile instead of a volcano slope. I also think that it will be easiest to set up and get accurate results. I predict that the higher the angle of the slope the faster the lava will flow down the slope. I have made this prediction from my scientific knowledge. I think this because the higher the angle gets the more gravitational potential energy (GPE) ...read more.


I will also not sit down whilst doing the experiment so that the syrup does not go in to my eye, I will also remember to clean up any syrup that I may spill. I will make sure that my results are accurate and reliable by using a large range of results and repeat them to make sure there reliable. I will make it a fair test by repeating my experiment and by collecting a wide range of results. I will also only change one variable this will make sure that all sets is reliable that one experiment has not had an advantage of another. From my preliminary experiment I got a tile and set it at 10� and then at 20� angles between 10� and 100� I found out that this was not very good as I found out that at 100� it fell straight off the tile and at 10� it hardly moved. I then decided to start at 20� as this seemed the next logical point to start from I found this worked very well. ...read more.


My experiment was also a very safe experiment because I had no problems. This is mainly because I followed the safety procedures I outlined at the beginning of my coursework. I think that I ended up with a very good set of results with no anomalies I think that I got no anomalies because I did my experiment very accurately and carefully because I followed the procedures I outlined at the start of my coursework. My overall procedure worked very well because I did every thing very accurately. I think because I did everything accurately I got a good reliable set of results. They seemed very reliable as they all seemed to follow the same trend. I think they support my prediction and my conclusion very well. In the future I could investigate all the other variables and see if they all support one another. I would do this by doing all the experiments, compiling all the results in a table and then show them in different graphics to support my claims. I had just enough results to support my conclusion in the future I would collate more results so that I could get a more accurate and fair set of results. ...read more.

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