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Pollution levels are increasing, as they burn wood and fossil fuels to power growing economies, and use up their mineral reserves to create material comforts. And deforestation

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The population of the world is currently riding out of control. This is mostly due to modern medicine, which has stopped widespread death from disease. It is also due to modern farming methods, which can now provide the food needed for so many. There is one baby born every minute. The death rate is now much lower than the birth rate everywhere, but especially in under-developed countries. This means the population must be rising. In many poor countries it's rising very quickly, this creates big problems for those countries trying to cope with all the extra people. Which means even providing basic health care and education - about contraception - is difficult. It's also extremely difficult on a world scale to house and find food for everyone. ...read more.


They are release two other harmful gases: a) Sulphur Dioxide b) Various Nitrogen Oxides When these mix with clouds they form acids. This then falls as acid rain. Car and power stations are the min causes of acid rain. Acid rain causes lakes to become acidic which has a severe effect on its ecosystems. They way this happens is that the acid causes aluminium salts to dissolve into the water. The resulting aluminium ions are poisonous to many fish and birds. Acid rain also kills trees. It also damages limestone buildings and ruin stone statues. Cleaning up emissions can prevent acid rain. Power stations now have Acid Gas Scrubbers to take the harmful gases out before they release their fumes into the atmosphere. ...read more.


The lead is breathed in and causes damage to the nervous system. Breathing in the lead in petrol can also cause severe damage to young children's brains. CFC's are causing the hole in the ozone layer. The ozone is made up of molecules, three oxygen atoms, O3. There is a layer of ozone high up in the atmosphere. The ozone absorbs harmful UV rays from the sun. However, CFC gases react with the ozone molecules and break them up. This thinning of the ozone layer allows harmful UV rays to reach the surface of the Earth. This is making it dangerous to go out in the sun in many parts of the world due to the increased risk of skin cancer from the harmful UV rays. Other gases are replacing CFCs now, but the harmful effects of the CFCs already released may continue for centuries to come. ?? ?? ?? ?? Pollution Project Becca Dash ...read more.

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