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Pollution. The main sources of these pollutants are industrial factories and motor vehicles. The industries based on the burning of fossil fuels are the most dangerous for the environment, for example in India and China the economy is rapidly improving

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Northern Caribbean University College of Natural and Applied Sciences Department of Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Sciences Environmental Health Title: Pollution Assignment #1 Name: Paul Scavella ID#: 24063087 Lecturers: Mr. Lemuel Brady Date: February 4, 2010 Pollution, one of the biggest environmental problems the earth has seen to date is getting out of hand. Persons are not taking the matter seriously; they do not see the effects that pollution is having on the environment. Progress is taking higher priority than long term survival in the years to come. We only see the short term and not how we are destroying the environment via pollution. The Biosphere is being destroyed gradually for the sake of development infrastructure and economic gain. Not to mention what it is doing to our health. This lack of ecological conscience is having dire consequences. The main sources of these pollutants are industrial factories and motor vehicles. The industries based on the burning of fossil fuels are the most dangerous for the environment, for example in India and China the economy is rapidly improving these countries have even managed to get out of the global recession faster than the rest of the world but at what price. ...read more.


In places like India persons do very little to purify the water they use, because of culture many person bathe in the rivers and worship them and think it is holy. When using this water the levels required for safe drinking are well below what is required. Persons die because of this when it can be avoided by basic sanitation. Basically pollution is a form of environmental destruction. We are harming the environment in so many different ways the only thing left to ask is how much more can our environment take. What will be left for future generations? Attached Article Main sources of pollution and general health of our planet Pollution is one of the biggest environmental problems but still many people do not take pollution problem seriously as they should be. Many people still think that we can dump our garbage all over the planet without any consequences which is not true. Since the start of industrial revolution we have been continuously heavily polluting our planet, caring only for economic development, and not caring at all for the health of environment we live in. ...read more.


Sadly air pollution is only one form of global pollution and there are many other forms of pollution happening on our planet. Our environment looks so much better without the pollution People not only care little about the air they breathe but also about water they drink. Water is so precious to our survival and people are still doing so little to protect water resources around the globe. In many parts of the world, especially India and China, water is in some places well below the levels required for safe drinking, with many people dying from different waterborne diseases and lack of basic sanitation. Our sea is also heavily polluted. Each day we are dumping new garbage into our oceans; luckily oceans are so huge that we are not able to see the actual damage that we are doing to them which is very likely much bigger than we think it is. Pollution is basically a form of environmental destruction. Harmful gases and particles, different types of garbage and waste that is dumped each day into our environment is destroying inheritance that Mother Nature left us. The only question that remains is how much more of this abuse can our planet take? Reference: http://pollutionarticles.blogspot.com/ ...read more.

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