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Population - Annie Schmidt and Windy Creek

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Key Stage 3 National Curriculum Level Assessment Topic: Population Annie Schmidt and Windy Creek Different people move or migrate for specific reasons that will have benefits for them. All of them are in search of a better quality of life. This could be healthcare for one person and a job for another but the reasons are all connected with standard of living. There are different types of migration as well, which I will be discussing. Urban to rural is from town to country and rural to urban is from country to town. International migration is the move from one country to another and the people who migrate or move are called immigrants. Push and pull factors can determine somebody's migration destination. The push factors being the factors that push you away from your home and the pull factors being the factors that are pulling you towards a certain place. Usually the push factors have nation wide effect's for example natural disasters and wars. The pull factors usually suggest a better way of life and improved health care and education. In this essay I am faced with the problem with the migration of Annie Schmidt. There are plenty of push and pull factors that will help her to make her decision of migration but there are migration obstacles to over come first. ...read more.


This is all very well but Annie is qualified and trained. She is also ambitious and does not want to waste her education. This is a very convincing point that would make her want to leave Windy Creek as the ambitious career plan that she dreamed of is slowly fading away. This is a good example of a push factor, few opportunities. For example when the Irish potato famine struck many Irish people migrated to America for food, jobs, improved living conditions and an all-round better way of life. This is what we are seeing in Windy Creek. If Annie migrates and accepts her offered job she will be able to afford a car and visit her friend Beth who lives fifteen miles away from her home. However making time for her friend is another thing. Annie will have to decide very carefully and plan her time wisely if she wants to achieve visiting her family and friends. As a result of the people migrating in Windy Creek usually from rural-to-urban, most of the people are over fifty and she has needs as a person to socialise with people her own age. As there is only one person that is her age I think it would be beneficial for her to move to Arizona. It would help her to settle in and make more friends. ...read more.


I do know that if she is a very strong believer in her faith she will not be swayed from it. Perhaps she does not fit in and the culture of Arizona (remembering rural-to-urban migration) does not suit her, there could be slight friction. However remembering that she went to college in Arizona she will know what to expect and fit in to society much easier as she has been there before. As for money Annie will not have a lot to begin with but sooner or later after a few months of full time working she will know what to do to help her save and spend the money wisely. Internationally, the point system that is in place in Australia and New Zealand is beneficial for the country. The immigration service will only let you become a citizen of their country if you bring skills or professional qualities in to the country. You must have a reference from your last employer. The point system looks at the advantages and disadvantages of the applicant and looks at the criminal record of the applicant as well. This helps the immigration offices determine who should be allowed the right to enter their country. Annie will not have a problem here either as she has been offered a job as a trainee manager and she has a qualification in being a business manager. This has many benefits as she can be a nation-wide supply (stand-in manager) or a permanent one. ...read more.

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