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Population explosion in India

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?Population explosion? or ?population bomb? is an emotional term used to refer to the rapid population growth. Since 1650 to 1950 and onwards the population of the world grew at a startling rate. The reasons for this population explosion are poverty, better medical facilities and migration. The abnormal rise in population has brought about an increase in individual consumption of food, water and exploitation of natural resources such as land, water, fossil fuels and minerals. Increasing poverty, air and water pollution and a shortage of food, health resources and educational resources are evidence of the population increase in developing countries. It is important that countries and individuals work together to control the population growth in order for the next generation to have a future. Unfortunately, as the population increases the resources do not. People that have to struggle to make two ends meet produce more children because the more children you have the more earning hands you have. Due to poverty, the infant mortality rate among such families is much greater because of the lack of facilities such as food and medical resources. ...read more.


Therefore, the younger they are when they start bearing children, the more children they have throughout their life span. This will cause an increase in the global fertility rate. These girls also do not have the opportunity to get an education since they get married off very young. For that reason they remain ignorant and impart the same cultural norms to their own children. Leaving the tradition to go on to one generation to the next. The advancement in medical facilities today has been astounding. This advancement maybe acknowledge as progressive but when it comes to population increase, it has solely been progressive in terms of expanding the population further. Although our love ones would live longer, because of the rise in the population, the available resources per person would decrease. Competition for resources, price rise, hunger, malnutrition and mass starvation are the effect of population explosion. Due to population explosion, the gap between the wealthy and the poor has widened. The wealthy are utilizing more resources than the poor. One of the most common effects of these issues is malnutrition. ...read more.


?Nearly 10% of the world?s population faces chronic freshwater shortage.? If the population growth becomes unmanageable that figure may rise. All kinds of resources are limited even employment. A developing country like India has a limited number of jobs available. Moreover, the competition for the most common jobs is immense. ?In India 39.4% of women are literate and 63.9% of men are literate.? Besides that, fundamental education has become an asset. In India, fundamental education has become too high-priced for a commoner to provide for his or her children. Furthermore, lack of education causes even more unemployment. A large part of the population is illiterate giving them no choice but to accept menial work that cannot even support them. One of the remedial measures to control the population is to decrease the birth rate by following China?s birth control measures. Another solution is promoting family planning programs which will provide vasectomy, tubectomy, IUD, conventional contraceptives and oral pills. Population awareness programs and encouraging sterilization operation will also reduce population growth. It is very important for countries and individuals to work together to control the population growth if we want a bright future for the next generation. (957 words) ...read more.

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