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Post-war UK redevelopment has turned to an era of urban uncertainty and disorder?

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Post-war UK redevelopment has turned to an era of urban uncertainty and disorder? Has there even been a 'golden age' of cities in the UK? How great a diversity in social change has there been between the UK's cities? What other forces and processes reshaped the UK's cities from the 1960s onwards? In This final TMA, I will talk about the changes that take place in UK after the war. Then, I will talk about the post-war cities, changes in identity and race. Finally I will talk about the cities redevelopment, environment issues and state my conclusion on this subject. The post-war years have often been depicted as an era of social stability of secure, functioning institution and established reliable patterns of behavior, low crime, full employment, a benign welfare state, and trusted system of expert knowledge: scientists, doctors, politicians. Some sociological research suggest that the post-war vision of balanced communities and social improvement has resulted in social fragmentation - a ages' and contemporary fragmentation and uncertainty. The de-industrialization of the 70s was accompanied by the rise of service-sector jobs, industrial decline and the recruitment of women, this make tendency to discard heavy industry in favor of services, hi-tech, and new information technology. key element in this is the presence and increasing importance of producer services as an element of core economies: advertising, banking, insurance, credit management, marketing, security services, computer services, personnel management, etc. ...read more.


Half the adult Caribbean and a third of the Indian population were born in this country, and over 78% of children from all minority communities are British by birth. The problems of urban congestion, housing shortages and the pressures upon green land, have many variables. There is firstly a shortage of housing within some economically successful areas. This is particularly true of housing suitable for lower income or first time buyers. Some areas of UK cities contain the highest levels of unemployment, the most intense poverty, and some of the worst housing condition This has pushed up house prices to record levels. Some who can get jobs in the area are unable to take them because of a lack of suitable housing. The Bethnal Green study suggested that some people who moved from older working-class areas of cities to new towns and overspill housing estates often found it difficult to adapt to the 'new life'. Employment was often to be found some distance away, and could only be accessed at considerable costs in terms of travel. Feeling of isolation and being 'cut-off' were frequently recorded sentiments in a number of the studies of life in new housing development during this time. People living within the Green Belt do not want to see green field sites turned into new developments. ...read more.


Cars create the largest amount of air pollution. Reducing in using car reduce the volume and impact of through traffic, pollution in the streets are reduced and the sense of security of public space is increased. We must diverse in our activities, rather than the grouping of similar activities can make for more efficient use of energy use of energy. Those of us who have been grappling with the problems of U.S. cities have been concerned with jobs, housing, and transportation. We have been concerned with public services--schools, fire protection, law enforcement. With the exception perhaps of air pollution, environmental concerns have been too often perceived as a luxury reserved for the suburbs. Those fragmentation and uncertainty in city life lead the society to become "a Fragmented society". Regulationlists argue that the history of capitalist economies and societies is characterized by long period of economies and relative political and social stability punctured by economic down turns and political crises out of which new periods of stability and growth emerge. After the 70's anew period of economic growth began based on the new technologies and knowledge intensive industries of telecommunications, computing and biotechnology, etc. In conclusion, There are many changes happen to society post-war and cities national state of the UK and other countries that lead them to be uncertain and diversity. From my perspective I think to solve the problem is removing uncertainty and fear, and produces spaces which are less protected and generate more violence and more fear. ...read more.

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