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Proposal for Development of Petrol Chemical Plant on Jurong Island.

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Done by Cheong May Anne Woon Shu YI Proposal for Development of Petrol Chemical Plant on Jurong Island To produce materials for the manufacture for products such as plastics in both Singapore and other neighbouring countries in South East Asia Proposal for development of Petrol Chemical Plant on Jurong Island Brief Information Input Capital input for construction and maintenance of a petrochemical plant is high because of the large amounts of electricity and water id needed to heat up raw materials used in the petrochemical industry from which hydrocarbons are extracted. The main raw materials would be naphtha and kerosene, which are obtained from oil refineries. A highly skill labour force is required to run the advance machinery. Processes In the plant, crackers are used to break up large hydrocarbons in refined oil products like naphtha and gasoline. In the cracker, hydrocarbons heated by steam pass over the hot catalyst powered alumina-silica gel. The catalyst provides a huge surface on which the hydrocarbons break up into smaller more useful hydrocarbons. After crackling, the compounds are separated by fractionation. Some of these compounds are joined with other chemicals. Outputs Processed basic petrochemicals such as ethylene, propylene, butadiene, benzene, isoprene, and xylenes, which are the building blocks for innumerable chemical products spanning the range of the plastic, rubber, and synthetic fiber industries. ...read more.


to end-users in the vicinity or to ports to be exported to other neighboring countries in South East Asia. The sitting of the related industries in close proximity results in an invisible network of partnership that connects companies on the island, Jurong Island's vertical integration will save about 25 to 30 per cent off capital outlay and 10 to 15 per cent logistics cost. Furthermore Jurong Island is located along tanker routes and the availability of infacturure such as ports means the plants outputs can be shipped out easily Future plans for Expansion As the number of petrochemical plants are set up, competition from varies companys will increase (Table 1). To maintain competitiveness and to expand, we must firstly maxism the output of the current plant. Ramping of production capacity automation machinery improve procedures Second third shifts Merger and acquisition Extensive reseach into making production more cost and laboour efficentive, R&D work to develop more efficient production procedures ,continusing to improve standards and skiulls of workers Proposal for Development of Wafer Fabrication Plant in Pasir Ris Wafer Fab Park To process bare wafers made locally and distributed its products worldwide Proposal for development of Wafer Fabrication Plant in Pasir Ris Wafer Fab Park Brief Information Input Capital input for Wafer fabrication is high because of the expensive start up cost huge investments with an average direct investment of US$1 billion per fab. ...read more.


As testament to that, you'll find Germans, Japanese, Koreans, Americans, Taiwanese and mainland Chinese all working in Singapore's semiconductor sector.Good for foreign talent ie Italian and French Excellt airport, near airport efficient exporting of wafers worldwide Pasir Ris has industry luminaries United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), the world's second largest foundry chance of working with large company Future plans for expansion Is the heart of Southeast Asia and ideal for tapping into closer markets like China, Malaysia, and Australia. APAC headquarters of most MNCs based out of here. Big business opportunity in that sector.But base stioll in Singapore Carry out R&D work to develop new, more sophisticated value-added products and more efficient methods of production in fields of wafer fabrication. Turn more to mechanization and automationm to achieve higher productivity Set up wafer fabrication plants overseas in countries with lower labour cost such as Taiwan and China while still having hq in Singapore Mus t be commited to carrying out product development and manufacturing actieveities in Singapore Make Singapore base for manufacturing wafers and headquaters services to satellite factoris in the region go into partnership with EDB inrisk-sharing partnerhip to invest in overseas projects Company to retrain worker to equip themselves with cerfiable and critical high-end skills needed by in production of wafer fabrication, obtain grants from Skills development fund to send employees for critical skills training [d1]Ddd ?? (footnote continued) 4 3 4 5 ...read more.

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