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Pros and Cons of Tourism in Windsor

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Pro's and con's of Tourism in Windsor Mohamad Al Mesaouil 11 W1 Introduction Tourism is the world's largest industry and creator of jobs across national and regional economies. Researches show that in 2006 tourism will generate nearly 11.7 % of GDP and 225 million jobs in the world-wide economy. Today, tourism is one of the largest industries in today's world economy and is a great source of foreign exchange for many developing countries, whose major assets are their natural resources. At the same time, it is the environmental quality of a place that will determine the success of the tourism industry, since it is the main attraction for tourists. It is estimated that the number of global tourists will continue to rise over the next twenty years. The rate of growth will properly increase as people become wealthier and have more spare time. Tourism has been increasing significantly in the past years for many reasons such as: * Air transport destinations have developed throughout the world, with more regional airports. * Airfares have become increasingly affordable. * People have more money to spend on holidays. * The growth of package tours to all parts of the world has made organizing holidays much easier. * There is an increased awareness of a wider range of places because of holiday's programs on television and travel reports in newspapers. * Many parts of the world have developed holiday destinations or special attractions because they organize that tourism is important to the local economy. As well as having larger incomes, a lot of people have more leisure time than in the past. Most fulltime employment in developed countries today includes paid holidays (normally around three weeks per year). In addition, the working week is shorter than it used to be, with many now enjoying a full weekend free from work. There are also increasing numbers of peoples working part-time (especially in retail businesses) ...read more.


Traffic congestions increase ?Brings money to the local people What are the positive effects of tourism? Better services to the local people Bring more work to the local people No Yes Is tourism beneficial to you? Visitors Questionnaires ------------------------------------------------- Where have you travelled from? No Yes Is this your first time you visit Windsor? Plane Bus Car Train How did you get to Windsor? Business Attractions Shopping What is the reason that made you come to Windsor? No Yes Would you consider coming back to Windsor next time? Excellent Good Bad What do you think of Windsor? 4. Land Use Survey When I visited Windsor Castle I examined these areas: * Thames street * Peasod Street * Castle Hill * Windsor and Eton Central shopping mall I recorded the type of shops and what kind of things where sold. The purpose of this was to see whether the shops in Windsor cater more for tourists or locals. 5. House Prices I investigated the houses prizes in three different areas that I choose which are Windsor, slough, and staines to see whether houses in Windsor are more expensive then the surrounding areas. I am going to be doing this to four types of houses which are flat, terraced, semi-detached, detached so I can see if houses prices are more expensive in Windsor then the surrounding areas and find out what the reason is. 6. Observations During my visit to Windsor I observed many things as I walked around the town which is: * Amount of letter on the floor * How clean the air was * Style of buildings * Amount of noise * How crowded where some areas 7. Photographs I took many photographs to record any evidence that might support my results. 8. Informal interviews I interviewed Shop keepers, local resident, people who work for tourist information and taxi drivers. I interviewed them to ask about there personal view of tourism and there advantages and disadvantages of tourism Data Presentation and Analysis I interviewed fourteen people both males and females, seventy-five percent were women and twenty-five percent were males. ...read more.


There are four quarters on the Royal Standard: the three lions represent England (and Wales), the single lion represents Scotland, and the harp represents Ireland. When the Queen is not there, the Union Jack is flown. House Prices We can see through this graph the average lines in different locations and how much more the price of Windsor properties Evaluation I have carried out my study in Windsor to investigate whether tourism is beneficial to Windsor or not, for this reason I have decided to produce a hypothesis at the start of my study. The reason I have included a hypothesis is because it can help me to determine at the end of my project to distinguish whether my prediction supports my results. In my traffic count investigation I assembled the flow of traffic into and out of Windsor Riverside station on the main road leading into Windsor called Thames Street because I wanted to see the volume and type of traffic coming into and leaving the town at different times. The flow of traffic in Windsor at different times differs, for this reason I have carried out my traffic count in the morning and afternoon. Using this method will ensure accurate and dependable information. If I did this project again I would have made me results much more accurate in various ways for instance. During my investigation I felt that I have not obtained a very accurate result as a consequence of the day and time I carried out my investigation. On this day there weren't any school kids and many other peoples were at work this affected my result. There are several ways my results could have been more accurate. * Having to carry out my investigation several times then working out an average would have made my results much reliable. The drawback for this is that it can be time consuming. * I could have chosen a day during a bank holiday day to carry out my investigation, as there isn't school on this day or work which will make my results accurate. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Global Interdependence & Economic Transition section.

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