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Redevelopment of Salford Quays.

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Redevelopment of Salford Quays In the 19th century the city of Manchester was at the heart of the industrial revolution; it was a thriving port and the centre of Lancashire's textile industry. Yet, by 1950 business had declined to an all-time low. The canal journey had become too slow and therefore uneconomical for factories and companies. The port could no longer respond to the pressures placed on it by the changes in technology. The docks lay neglected and derelict. Vandalism and crime rates were high, as was unemployment (the city had depended on the docks for jobs). However, with the help of government funding, grants and publicity the city began to address its social, economic and physical problems resulting from past industrial decline. ...read more.


Community Schemes have been aimed at improving the quality of schools has kept the youth unemployment rates low. The new Heritage Centre also provides an educational service to schools, colleges and the public. Primary school pupils through to university students use Salford Quays for learning purposes. Salford Quays has addressed other problems too such as vandalism, crime rates, poverty and the lack of investment and funding in Greater Manchester. Organizations such as the New Deal for Communities programme and other funding (over �100 million in lottery funding has been invested) based in Salford Quays have worked at putting money back into the Greater Manchester community. The Salford Partnership also launched a community plan; all of which demonstrates a commitment to working to achieve change. ...read more.


In addition, a high of local pride has been generated that, together with higher income (due to greater employment) and places to go, has lead to a reduction in vandalism and crime. Easy access to Salford Quays via a Metro link, as well as entrances to the region's motorways, railways and the city centre of Manchester has resulted in a rise of tourism. Places such as the Lowry Museum, the Imperial War Museum North, as well as the overall design of the area attract large numbers of visitors every year. This has increased the amount of money that has been invested into the area. The redevelopment has made Salford Quays an attractive place to visit, work and live; it has also been a model for other cities to follow. The social and economic benefits have been felt throughout Greater Manchester and the North West. Katie Taylor 10H January 25th, 03 ...read more.

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