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Report on the best airfield for Peel airports to takeover.

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AEROTECH 9 Katrina Close Norwich NR9 3HE CONFIDENTIAL FOR: PEEL HOLDINGS REF: M301958 FROM: AEROTECH DATE: 05/03/04 REPORT ON THE BEST AIRFIELD FOR PEEL AIRPORTS TO TAKEOVER This report is for Peel Holdings Plc and details UK airports that have the best commercial and development potential. It was produced by Aerotech, a small consultancy business from Norwich. CONTENTS 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2. SEARCH RATIONALE 3. SELECTION RATIONAL 4. S.W.O.T. ANALYSIS 5. P.E.S.T. ANALYSIS 6. CONCLUSIONS 7. RECOMMENDATIONS 8. NOTES 9. REFERENCES 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Peel Holdings Plc is a UK Property and Transport company that was founded in 1920. The company assets exceed two billion pounds and are divided amongst: * Peel Airports * Peel Ports * Peel Land and Property * The Trafford Centre Peel Airports was formed in 1997 and currently operates four aerodromes. The company owns Liverpool John Lennon airport which is a fast growing regional airport serving over three million passengers per year and has a 75% share in Teesside airport which is being modernized to attract more business. Peel Airports also have a 50% share in Sheffield City airport which is a general aviation airport and heliport and are converting Doncaster Finngley from an RAF base into a commercial airport which will open in 2005. Peel Airports wish to take over operations or form a partnership with operators at another UK aerodrome. ...read more.


2.3 Alconbury Airport Alconbury airfield location map Alconbury airfield aerial photo Alconbury airfield is located 4 miles northwest of Huntingdon in Huntingdonshire. The airfield opened in 1938 as a satellite airfield for nearby Wyton. It was the first satellite airfield to be built in England and would allow aircraft to be diverted if the parent airfield was likely to be attacked. During world war two the airfield was upgraded to class A status with 3 concrete runways which could now accept Boeing 747 aircraft. After the war it served as a USAF watch station until 1995. Alconbury airfield is owned by the Ministry of Defence and in 1997 became listed for protection against alternative land use schemes until 2007. Much of the airfield infrastructure and facilities including the runways, taxiways and control towers remain intact. The location is ideal and has excellent accessibility and a large potential market. These could be used to develop the airfield into a prosperous cargo and passenger airport. 3. SELECTION RATIONAL Aerotech have analysed the above sites and found Alconbury to be the best site in terms of commercial and development potential. It has the best location in terms of accessibility and market. It also has the least restrictions and the longest runway and could be integrated with surrounding rail and road networks. ...read more.


6. CONCLUSION The southeast of England is a prosperous region for commercial airport operations and has a strong market which demands airport development. In the southeast Norwich airport, Cambridge airport and Alconbury airfield are the best sites to develop for the reasons explained above. Out of these it is clear from the above information that Alconbury airfield in Huntingdonshire is the best airfield in terms of accessibility, integration with the surrounding infrastructure, size of potential market and existing facilities. 7. RECOMMENDATIONS On the basis of the investigation findings Aerotech are confident that Peel Airports would benefit most from taking over Alconbury airfield and developing it into a commercial airport with a focus upon business operations such as cargo transit, executive chartering and general aviation. Peel Airports should enter partnership with Marshall Aerospace in the development of Alconbury airfield. This should involve the closure of the existing site of Cambridge airport and relocation of operations to Alconbury airfield. The new airport could be named "Cambridge and Alconbury" in order to retain the famous brand name of Cambridge. The move would allow Peel Airports to share the finance and expertise of Marshall Aerospace and afford Cambridge local authorities the land for extra housing. 8. NOTES * To view maps in more detail please increase page size or use a magnifying glass! * This project was based upon commercial and development potential and does not account for the actual decisions of the Government! 9. ...read more.

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