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Settlement Heirarchy in Dorking

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Identification of the question. The general theory states that settlements are ordered by population and the type of services offered. At the top of the hierarchy the settlements there will be a larger population and greater service provision, i.e. supermarkets and furniture shops. At the bottom of the hierarchy the settlements will have only basic service provision such as churches and general stores and a small population to match. As providers of goods and services these settlements are known as Central Places. Central Places with high order services such as electrical retailers will have higher threshold populations as people are willing to travel much further for the service than they are for services such as a general store. If so then there must be in any part of rural England there must be a hierarchy of central places. Christaler suggested that these sphere's of influence would be hexagonal. This hypothesis has been created to test this expectation: Dorking and the villages in the area roundabout all have a place in the hierarchy of the area with Dorking at the top and the others ranked according to size of population and the number of services. ...read more.


the villages on the right hand side of the map such as Headly and Boxhill were the ones with the most services and the most population, this may be due to the accessibility which the A24 provides, but it does not provide as much accessibility to the villages on the right hand side like Betchworth and Leigh. Analysis, Evaluation and Interpretation The stated hypothesis is that all the villages in the area surrounding Dorking are in an hierarchical order according to their population and the number of services contained in each. The graphs and data tables all show that the largest settlement in the area is Dorking, and is huge compared to any other of the villages and as such it's functional index as related to the amount of services it offers is far in excess of anything that any of the villages surveyed can match. The results from the shopping quality assessment: Abinger Hammer Betchworth Box Hill Brockham Dorking Gomshall Headley Leigh Mickleham Wescott Westhumble Wotton Shere 1 25 19 23 20 33 19 18 23 20 22 23 16 23 2 24 18 23 19 16 22 20 20 21 20 20 19 22 3 24 18 24 20 14 19 21 ...read more.


3 3 24 Population 1780 937 1457 2669 10000 1005 709 844 440 2118 505 578 3373 Presentation of summary The hypothesis has been proved in this investigation by the data and the graphs, this would enable a diagram showing the exact position of the settlements surveyed to be shown on a hierarchical diagram. The results should be all accurate as they are done on the services in the settlements and the only way that could have been wrong was if a service in a settlement was not recorded. This is unlikely as there all the groups went out in different directions in the villages and swapped results. The other data was subjective, an individual assessment but it was averaged out to reduce the possibility of bias to one settlement, this would make the data more reliable. The only limitations to this investigation were the number of the settlements surveyed, more would of made the data more accurate and it may of prevented the huge gap between Dorking's population and the shere's population of 4000 by enabling some settlement to be able to fill the gap in-between them. ?? ?? ?? ?? Simon Curtis Geographical Investigation - Settlement Hierarchy 28/04/07 Page 1 of 6 ...read more.

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