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Strategy of tourism products package.

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Strategy of tourism products package Content Summary 2 Introduction 2 Creative problem solving process 2 Stage 1: Problem identification 2 Stage 2: Creative exploration 3 Stage 3: Problem mapping 4 Stage 4: Solution generating 5 Stage 5: Potential problem analysis 6 Stage 6: Will the problem be solved? 7 Conclusions 9 Acknowledgements 9 Summary In order to achieve the objective of healthy and sustainable development of the National Forest, the strategy of tourism products package is the most practicable and efficient way to solve the problem. Through the modification, combination and reduction of the products, the strategy is aimed to make the most use of the existing products, which will help the National Forest Company (NFC) to increase the tourism income and protect the natural environment at the same time. Introduction The National Forest is a developing visitor destination. It attracts around 6 million visits per year and brings over 150 million pound to the local economy. However there still exist some problems in the Forest on how to maintain the sustainable development. By using the creative problem solving model, this essay intends to provide a creative solution to the NFC, which is going to be represented in the order of 6 stages of the problem solving model. Creative problem solving process Stage 1: Problem identification The National Forest has achieved great successful performance in the both aspects of society and economy although most of the visits are day visits and are made in the summer. ...read more.


It will help to retain visitors' curiosity and interest. Visitors will also be able to do many different things in the area and this will encourage longer stay and repeat visits. For example, expanding the network for walkers, cyclists, horseriders and disabled users; increasing the range of outdoor facilities and night activities in particular; continuing to develop the Forest as an outdoor learning and education resource; using the Forest as a venue for Forest-related sporting and other events and festivals (see the diagram below). Although improving existing products and developing new attractions should be carried out at the same time, it is more practicable to make the most use of the existing products first. This will help the Forest to achieve more useful experience in understanding customers and developing new fantastic and profitable tourism products purposefully. Stage 4: Solution generating According to the result of stage 3, a solution storming on how to utilize the existing products most and achieve their full potential is listed as followed: > Design tourism products package; > Get rid of unattractive products to reduce operation cost; > Establish particular tourism product brand awareness under the umbrella National Forest brand'; > Adopt more efficient tourism management system; > Collect customers' suggestion extensively to improve service quality; > Add shuttle transportation among 'hot' tourism sites; > Extend variety of accommodation in 'hot' tourism sites; > Enhance the advertising and promotion activities, e.g. ...read more.


Having lunch at the new canalside caf´┐Ż; c) Leaving Fradley junction at 2:00PM by coach and arriving at Catton Hall at 2:30PM. Catton Hall is built in 1745 by Smith of Warwick and has a fascinating history and collection of pictures, furniture and memorabilia; d) Leaving Catton Hall at 5:00PM and returning Lichfield at 6:00PM. To sum up, through the strategy of tourism products package, it will help the tourists easier to choose their favorite tourism attractions, make them more convenient to access the Forest, increase the tourism income by the selling of products package and reduce the environment damage depending on the public transportation, which leads to solve the problem in the end. Conclusions Regarding the problem of the National Forest about how to attract more new visitors and re-visitors without damaging the natural environment, the strategy of designing different types of tourism products package is recommended to be carried out in the Forest aimed to make the best use of the existing tourism products, which helps to provide visitors more simple choices and easier access and leads to the sustainable development of the Forest in the end. In order to implement the solution, the possible actions might include: a thorough research on the feature of visitors' behavior, designing tourism products package, preparation for internal transportation and advertisement and promotion of the package. ?? ?? ?? ?? 5 1 ...read more.

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