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Study Figure 4, which shows age/sex pyramids for four countries - Describe and suggest reasons for the variations shown in population structure, and with reference to named examples, discuss the geographical issues arising from challenging population stru

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Study Figure 4, which shows age/sex pyramids for four countries. a) Describe and suggest reasons for the variations shown in population structure. (12 Marks) Observing 'Country A' with a population of 31.0 million, it is evident the country concerned has a high birth rate. The wide base suggests a high birth rate, approximately 20% of population is in the 0-4 age range. The pyramid suggests it's an LEDC country at Stage 2 in its youthful progression, for example, India, Iran, and Iraq. It also appears there is high infant mortality and maybe caused due to the lack of education, and maybe even due to its culture, for example, India, infanticide is commonplace of baby girls where they are seen to be not as of value than baby boys. It is also apparent there is few old people, suggesting low life expectancy obviously due to poor healthcare, diet, lack of services available to the elderly etc. 'Country B' appears to have a low population of 3.06 million, which suggests to be a small country or the population is spatial. ...read more.


A reasonably developed country in the Stage 3 f the DMT, for example, countries like Brazil, Korea would all have these similarities. 'Country D' has a very large population of 124.5 million, so it is clear this country is overpopulating, e.g. China. It is clear there is a very low birth rate and is decreasing, e.g. 4% of the population is between the age range of 0-4. This maybe due to campaigns like the 'One Child Policy' that is occurring in China, or the empowerment of women has increased in the country, so women are less concerned with having children and more concentrated on having careers. The pyramid is at Stage 4 of the DMT, with a regressive/aging population, e.g. China, Britain, France, USA will all again have similarities. b) With reference to named examples, discuss the geographical issues arising from challenging population structure. (13 Marks) Firstly a population structure is the make-up of the population of an area, in particular the age structure and gender structure. ...read more.


The consequence is that there is an increase in the elderly population although not enough young people, so the replacement level of China decreases. There is also a problem that the people see male babies as of more value than female babies, with Chinese fathers can carry their name forward in the future. so sex selective abortion and abandoned rates increase, which all affects the sex ratio of the country, with more males than females in the population. This will have a dramatic affect on reproduction later down the line. In the UK there has also been an increase in immigrants and also in Germany there government tried to increase there population structure by inviting Turkish guest workers in the 950's 1960's. However this had serious consequences. Young males were entering both countries, with the immigration of asylum seekers and refugees from Afghanistan mainly entering Britain. This caused a pressure on both governments to provide housing, benefits and occupations to place less pressure on their everyday life. The consequences of allowing immigration is it develops social and political unrest, along with overcrowding and an increase in crime rates are likely to occur. Homework Tim Buxton ...read more.

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