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Styal Mill Coursework

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Styal Mill Coursework Question 1 Greg built Styal Mill during the industrial revolution. During the industrial revolution machinery was getting bigger and more dangerous; therefore it could no longer be used in homes. Styal Mill and many factories were built for the machinery to be used in them. Many Entrepreneurs were looking for sites to build mills on. Greg made several visits the countryside in and around Manchester. Finally he decided on Styal, a small hamlet north of Wilmslow. Styal is located close to Manchester, the Bridge water canal is only 8 miles away and the land was big enough. One of the important reasons Greg chose the site is because of the transport links. ...read more.


Greg used the river Bolin as a power source for his mill and the machinery. Arkwrites water frame was invented to use the water to drive the wheel and drive lots of cogs and shafts that made the machinery run. Another factor is the land was cheap. This is because the land was infertile and wasn't very good for farming crops, so Greg got a good deal - cheap land with an added bonus, the river Bolin. Also the land was a good environment for cotton making because it had a damp atmosphere; this helps the cotton to not break as its being spun. ...read more.


If Greg hadn't come into the money, he might not have looked at Styal as a location. All of the factors combined together to make Styal an attractive site on which to build a mill. For example, the location and the transport links are linked together because Styal is in the perfect area for links to Manchester and Liverpool and also the Bridgewater canal is near by. The land and power are linked because the land was cheap and it had the added bonus of the river Bolin flowing through it. I think the most important factor was the land and the power because if the land wasn't cheap, Greg might have shown a blind eye towards it and gone somewhere else, forfeiting the river as well. ...read more.

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