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Summarise the impact of tourism on Jamaica.

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INTRODUCTION. The aim of this report is to summarise the impact of tourism on Jamaica. I will outline the affect tourism has on different people, businesses and the environment. In addition the report will also include the affects of tourism on the physical environment and the conflicts that may arise between the damage to the environment and the creation of wealth and job opportunities in the country. I will research this by using images, statistics such as graphs, climate graphs, and questionnaires. I will compare the statistical information from Montego Bay which is a major city in Jamaica, to the climate graphs of London, United Kingdom. The questionnaire will be facts that I have collected and found out on different views and affects it has on locals, tourists, local businesses, hotels, etc. The report will contain why tourism is important to Jamaica, the impact of tourism, why people go there, benefits, negative aspects, my opinion, questionnaires and statistical information. ...read more.


The locals who are employed are given low paid jobs, which are labour intensive jobs, e.g. waiters, cleaners, bar staff. They are they are laid off when there are low tourist numbers. Locals/Local Businesses & Suppliers. The locals and their businesses may get a small profit from selling souvenirs or having a small café or shop. They get some notice from the tourists because they will sell very cheaply unlike the hotels and restaurants, so the tourists may buy gifts from the stalls. Small things may be purchased from the locals, and this will not make a difference to the tourist, but to the locals it is a small but vital profit. Tourism encourages the production of the souvenirs so it is a start for the local people. It improves and raises the standard of living for the local people, and reduces the number of migration. ? What are the disadvantages? ...read more.


They need to be given better education, and maybe courses, so that they can get managerial jobs. The main things that I think that need to be done is to redevelop slum areas, because for Jamaica to be a MEDC it needs to be a wealthy looking area. Also the buildings built need to blend in with the environment in a cottage style, and not soaring buildings. If there are tourist accommodations built they should be on new sites, and not on sites that used to have local homes. Also things like national parks will attract the tourists to see the exotic animals of Jamaica, and in a sanctuary they can be preserved. The Jamaican government needs to stop the sale of their land to foreign companies, so that these foreign companies can develop. The Jamaicans could build their own hotels so that the profit remains in the country and benefits Jamaica. The government could also tax the foreign companies higher taxes for having businesses in Jamaica. This money could then be used to improve education, health care, housing, environment and train local Jamaicans. ...read more.

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