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The Amazon rainforest.

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Introduction Hypothesis: The Brazilian government has a responsibility to control the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest more tightly. The purpose of this assignment is to research the above hypothesis and come to a conclusion, either agreeing or disagreeing with the hypothesis. What is deforestation and why has the Brazilian government allowed deforestation to take place in the Amazon rainforest? Deforestation is the cutting down and burning of trees. The Brazilian government has let deforestation to take place in the Amazon rainforest because it carries lots of investments into Brazil; mostly by multi-national companies (MNCs).Also deforestation of the Amazon rainforest has bought factories, power stations and work for people of Brazil. The deforestation of rainforest areas has improved the infrastructure of Brazil, many highways and roads have been made for the transportation of wood. There are worldwide request for woods such as mahogany, therefore it seems deforestation must take place. Some residents of the area want more land to grow crops on as an outcome they clear out the forest. ...read more.


The brazilin government shouldn't allowed powerful people to break human right. Why is the Brazilian government finding it difficult to enable the rainforest to be managed in a sustainable way? The Brazilian government is finding it difficult to get nation and international agreement to enable the rainforest to be managed in a sustainable way, because MNCs want to make maximum profit. This means they do not want to spend their money on the forest being developed in a sustainable way. This means that if the Brazilian government tries to sign an agreement with countries such as U.S.A and U.K then MNCs such as MC Donald's may put a lot of pressure on the countries that try to sign an agreement threatening that if they do sign an agreement then the MNCs would stop trading with them. What is the Brazilian government doing to solve the problems of deforestation? The Brazilian government is doing several things to solve the problem of deforestation .for example they are making national park. ...read more.


In the past 20 years Costa Rica, Central America has lost the majority of its forests to beef cattle ranching. This is known as slash and burn farming and is believed to account for 50% of rain forest destruction. However, without nourishment from the forest, the soil becomes very poor and dry. The grass often dies after only a few years and the land becomes a crusty desert. The cattle farmers then have to move on and destroy more rain forests to create new cattle pastures. Mining The developed nation's relentless demand for minerals and metals such as diamonds, oil, aluminium, copper and gold are often found in the ground below rain forests. The rain forests therefore have to be removed in order to mine and extract them. Poisonous chemicals are sometimes used to separate the waste from the minerals which often find their way into rivers polluting water supplies and killing fish and even the birds and other animals that feed on them. I used the following to complete this assignment: www.rainforestconcern.org www.rainforestconcern.org (and then click why are rainforest are important www.bbc.co.uk/nature/news/255news2.shtml www.google.com(and then type a question) . ...read more.

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