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The assignment will analyse a rural tourist attraction in term of the management strategy.

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The assignment will analyse a rural tourist attraction in term of the management strategy. It will highlight the major management issues confronting that attraction, what strategy has been taken an action for. Before discussing the analysis of the rural tourism attraction, we need to identify what is rural attraction? Cloke (1992) he identifies rural place as: "Rural place have traditionally been associated with specific rural functions- agricultural, sparsely populated areas, geographically dispersed settlement patterns- and rurality has been conceptualized in term of peripherality" Page.S, and Getz.D (1997) pointed out that from Keane et al's (1992) that the term 'rural tourism' is been adapted from the European Community for referring to the entire tourism activity within rural areas. Holloway (1998) highlight the importance of the rural tourism within the UK. According to the British temperature climate, it provides England with the richness of the green fields and abundant woodland which, joined with rolling hills and stretches of water, makes up the typical British rural scenery. There are many rural areas within the UK. The most popular two are the Lake District and Peak District. For this assignment, we are going to analyse the PEAK DISTRICT. The Peak National Park was the first National Park in the UK in 1951, which is 555 square miles of it exquisite countryside from the high of 363 meter from moorlands in the north to the green farmland in the south. ...read more.


Lastly, it increases the income of the local shops that might not remain open if they had to depend only upon their local trade. 3. Preservation and Conservation Tourism can affect the historic building and sites. Since many formers mills have been visited by many tourists who have an interest within this attraction. Additionally, Magpie Mine have been preserved as well as Redundant farm building made the use of it location as making holiday accommodation, camping barns etc. Alternatively, beside any advantages there are always disadvantages. 1. Limiting Car Parking As mentioned before, the number of visitor to the Peak District is up to 30 million people a year. Most of the visitor uses their private car for independence; this led to an increased traffic by over 40 per cent and on the A628, which crosses between Sheffield and Manchester, and it went up a whopping 93 per cent. However the Peak District tried to encourage tourist not to use their cars in order to reduce congestion and improve environment. There has been a survey undertaken for this issue, and the result identifies that majority of the tourist/people were unhappy about the process of the transport are been managed. On of the survey indicates that there must be a way of how to convince tourist/people to use public transport. ...read more.


> Set limits to grow ( don't destroy the land for developing hotels, entertainment) Achieving tourism sustainability is critical. Leask & Yeoman (1999), believes that balance sustainability and customer requirement are found within the operating management due to its core of the 'marketing concept' for meeting customer's requirements. Conclusion The Peak District is one of the famous National Park within the UK. There are many reasons why people visit the Peak District, the most popular reason is the beauty of its landscape. However, the Peak District is linked to many Public transport for providing tourist easy access. The Peak District also provide Wildlife and cultural Heritage for those who are interesting into those two attractions, as well it provide many adventure activities for those who like sports. According to the high number of visitor to the Peak District (30 million a year), tourism brings advantages and disadvantages to the Peak District. The advantages such as; Employment, generate income and Preservation and Conservation. The disadvantages such as; Limiting Car Parking, Erosion in the Peak District, Jobs can be seasonal, poorly paid and required employees to worker hours, Visitors are vulnerable to crime, Loss of wildlife habitats and Wildlife distribution. Therefore it has to be careful managed in order for the tourism not to ruin the National Park, that mean great controlling will required in order to ensure that tourism is 'sustainable'. ...read more.

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