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The best place to live in the world - Montenegro.

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EN 105 Milincic Ognjen Prof. Cox November 16, 2004 The best place to live in the world There are many beautiful places in the world that offer people a nice and comfortable life, regardless of some minor problems that exist even in the most developed countries in the world. One of those places where life is pleasant is Montenegro. Actually, it is not one of the nice places, but it is the best place to live among all of those beautiful places. Montenegro was a republic of former Yugoslavia, and it recently became a part of a new state called Serbia and Montenegro. Although it is a small place with about six hundred thousands people living there, Montenegro has everything that a big place can offer for living. Its schools, hospitals, public transportation, and various institutions that are important for making life comfortable are all organized as in any other developed country. But what this place distinguishes from all other places in the world are the following characteristics: climate, seaside, nature, sustainable development, mountains, and many other important factors that determine the attractiveness of Montenegro. ...read more.


Furthermore, the beautiful Montenegro is set on the Adriatic coast. All its beaches have kept their natural beauty; there is no artificial sand as it is the case with many famous beaches all over the world. The beaches vary from very long to quite small. Some of the largest reach up to three kilometers. Some of the main advantages of the long beaches are that entrance on these beaches is always free, price of food and beverage is lower, and the offer of sport and entertainment programs is wider. On the other hand, the small beaches can offer more privacy. Business people who want to escape from everyday duties and responsibilities, and who want to spend their holiday in a peaceful environment usually visit these more expensive and serene beaches. In addition, Montenegro has some very small beaches that are very difficult to reach, or they can be reached only by boat. They offer an extra quiet holiday for only a couple of people who want to be in a complete isolation. Thus the advantage of Montenegrin seaside is that there are different kinds of beaches created to meet needs of different people. ...read more.


First of all, they do not have to travel abroad in wintertime when the trip can be unpleasant because of wet and slick roads. Than, prices are much lower than anywhere abroad, which allows people to stay longer for the same amount of money than they would stay anywhere else. Also, because of the convenient climate in wintertime, the quality of snow is mostly excellent, which means that artificial snow is never used. That is very important for skiers (especially for professionals), because quality of snow directly affect quality of skiing. To sum up, Montenegro is definitely the best place to live in the world. Some of the convincing reasons have already been mentioned, but there are many of them that could be further discussed and used as the supporting material. This small place that offers everything needed for pleasant and comfortable life, say enough for itself. Whoever visits it or comes to live there is amazed by its gorgeousness, and wish to stay to live there. Therefore, I have not been trying to convince readers that Montenegro is the best place, but to convince them to visit it. Once they visit it, the people will have their own opinion that can be nothing else but that Montenegro is the best place on earth. 1 ...read more.

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