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The effects of litter on the environment.

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The effects of litter on the environment Waste is anything we don't want, from newspapers to poisonous chemicals left over from industry. The amount of waste we produce is growing. This is partly because of the world's growing population. We buy more and more things, and then throw them away when they are not needed. Most of this waste ends up in landfill sites. Waste from factories gets piped into rivers and seas, and fumes from industry and cars just pollute the air we breathe. All this creates pollution, which can poison wildlife and cause various health problems and diseases in people. It is also very wasteful of the earth's limited resources, which will eventually run out. However most solid wastes are buried in the ground in landfill sites. Some things like old food and paper can decompose. While others like plastic can take hundreds of years to decay. The problems with landfill sites are they fill up quickly, when it rains, water can dissolve harmful chemicals in the rubbish, which can then seep into water supplies. ...read more.


These ashes take up very little space in comparison to the rubbish burnt. Underground pipes take the sewage from our homes to sewage works treatment for cleaning before being disposed into the sea safely. The waste from industries and sewage is also sometimes disposed of by piping into rivers or the sea without being treated. This can kill wildlife and make people ill. It can wash onto holiday resorts, making them unsightly and unpleasant, and affecting the tourist trade. Companies are fined for this, but in poorer countries, this piping of waste takes place all the time. The richer countries should help the poorer countries to develop proper sewage works, etc. Gases from cars, homes, industries and power stations drift into the air where they are causing many problems. Burning fossil fuels like coal and oil contains many chemicals, which cause lung problems. Other waste gases in the air cause acid rain, which is causing damage to buildings, forests, lakes and rivers, etc. ...read more.


Litter also can encourage disease and pests such as rats, fleas, etc. Animal owners must become more responsible and clean up any toilet droppings left by their pets on public grounds, for hygienic reasons. We all therefore need to start recycling more than we do at the moment, to protect our environment. Big companies should produce less waste by buying products that can be reused or recycled. We can also avoid buying things with too much packaging, which wastes the world's resources unnecessarily. Governments can encourage industries to reduce and recycle their waste, especially if the industries save money by doing this. They could charge a tax based on the amount of waste produced. The money from this tax could then be used for doing research and developing ways to reduce or recycle waste, change production methods, use less chemicals, etc. We need to protect our environment by recycling more products, reusing what we can, and producing less waste and gas emissions. Industries should make use of natural source for energy, otherwise we will all suffer and even become extinct !!! Page 1 of 2 HARPREET SINGH ...read more.

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