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The Effects Of Tourism In Kenya

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The Effects Of Tourism In Kenya To President Daniel Toroitish arap Moi, RE: Economic Report It has been brought to my attention that you have become concerned about the level of economic development in Kenya. To help solve this problem I have prepared a report in which I have come up with a solution to the problem. After thoroughly researching different methods to increase the economy, I have come to a conclusion that tourism is the best alternative to increase the wealth of Kenya. In my report I will be discussing if tourism should be encouraged in Kenya. I will be looking at the different options of tourism, including the tourist opportunities, the advantages and disadvantages and the people who will benefit from it and those that may be affected. I hope my report will be helpful and effective, please do not hesitate to contact me if u have any queries. Thank you. Neha Bharadia Facts Of Kenya * Kenya is located in Eastern Africa, it is found between Somalia and Tanzania. * The total area it covers is 582,650 km�. 13,400 km� of this area is water, which leaves 569,250 km� to be covered by land * The total population is 31, 138,738 - Excess mortality expected due to ...read more.


* Tour operators pay the Maasai tribes people to entertain the tourists, and plus they receive extra money from any tourists who are generous enough to give them tips. * Kenya has become famously known around the world, for its luscious scenery and its wide range of wildlife. * The main people that benefit from tourism are; the service providers and local staff (tour operators, hotel staff, shops selling souvenirs), and tourists themselves as they get to enjoy an excellent holiday. * Local people get some knowledge of other countries, traditions and cultures as people from many different countries visit Kenya (see chart 3). Most locals are not fortunate enough to travel to other countries, so tourism gives them an opportunity to learn about other people. * * * * The Disadvantages of Tourism * Tourists are a hazard to the natural environment. They cause harms such as footpath and soil erosion, pollution problems caused by litter, noise and waste in rivers and the sea, land is wasted to build road, hotel, airport and luxuries for tourists to enjoy. Tourists leave the country in a mess, which the locals then have to suffer for in the future. ...read more.


It brings in a lot of the money, however there are many problems concerning this. One of the biggest problems is that the country is getting damaged in the process; this stops the sustainable development of tourism. Another major problem is that tourism is only seasonal, which means that tourism cannot be relied on as the main source of income. Although it can bring in more than most industries and agriculture, it cannot always be successful. One other problem is that is concerning the government is that most of the money spent by foreigners on holidays to Kenya does not actually reach the country itself. However if introducing eco-tourism solves the problem of tourists damaging the environment then everyone can enjoy tourism. The other two problems cannot really be solved drastically, but Kenya can still benefit from tourism. I believe that although Kenya is a good resort for tourism, so it should be encouraged under the rules of 'green tourism.' In spite of this it is still not consistent throughout the year, which mean Kenya also needs another major source of income. The Kenyan government should use the natural resources found on the land to their advantage, for example they could export the gold, rubies and other precious stones found in the country. This will guarantee them an income when the tourist season is not on. Neha Bharadia 1 ...read more.

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