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The Hazards of Flight Jackie 10W Have you ever thought of gliding swiftly through the clouds and feel the warmth of the sun?

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The Hazards of Flight Jackie 10W Have you ever thought of gliding swiftly through the clouds and feel the warmth of the sun? The sensation can never be better-until the situation threatens your life. This week we proudly present the latest interview with the Balloon flying Association, accompanied with their most recent flying experience across the wild and dangerous Africa-enjoy! The journey started off with a gentle flit among the cliffs. The balloon was heading towards the shore. The rocky cliffs did offer the pilots a great deal of worry and harass. With the aid of the trail rope they wished to rise whenever there was a slight slope in order to avoid crushing into the immensely solid cliffs. ...read more.


They were now drifting towards the lake, and once again, travelling southwards. It was not at all like what it had been-the balloon was two times speedier, and the stock of sand was running out in a much faster rate than expected, with the hazardous expansion of the cloud above the cliff added to their further disadvantages. The sun was blocked out, the would-be extra buoyancy was lost and the balloon immediately slumped. Sand was thrown out by the pilot just in time to stop any further decline of the balloon. They were one hundred feet above the lake by that time. Things didn't seem to be going the right way. All of a sudden, the wind disappeared, the air became chillier-an afternoon storm was therefore expected. ...read more.


The only element to stop the balloon from declining any further, sand, was lacking. The force would have driven the balloon, as well as the pilots, into the harmful lake straightaway, concluded with terrible damages, or even deaths. The balloon finally ascended to reach the base of the cloud. Nothing could be done to stop the further rising at this stage. The static electricity filled the air around the area. Releasing the hydrogen gas would be inordinately risky. There were only two options-they could either be alive, or dead. No other things would have saved them from dieing from cold, or compressed to death within a minute if they went on. Miraculously, a hope of life struck through the dead atmosphere. They encountered the worst conditions in life. They experienced the hope of life. They just merely escaped-from the tragedy. ...read more.

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