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The Holderness Coastline.

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DME- The Holderness Coastline. Introduction The Holderness Coastline is eroding much faster than any other coastline in Britain as it is made from boulder clay. 100,000 year ago an ice sheet covered parts of Europe pushing with it sand, shingle and rocks (this made up the boulder clay). The boulder clay was left by the city York when the ice sheet retreated. This made the Holderness coastline. Many people immigrated to the Holderness Coastline as the boulder clay was good for farming as it was much softer than other lands. Throughout the years the coastline has been eroding away effecting many towns and villages. Barnston village is being worn away as there is nothing of great importance there. Mappleton town on the other hand has rock groynes costing �10000 each to protect the town. Cowden farm is being worn away as a result of the groynes at Mappleton village; there is no sand or shingle from long-shore-drift travelling to protect the cliff. ...read more.


The sea wall is �5000 per meter. It is made of concrete or stone. Reflects waves and withstands waves breaking on it. Needs to be made of strong materials and can have problems if the waves scour out material from under the wall causing it to collapse- this is good for Withernsea as it is a major city at the Holderness coast but it would be bad if the wall collapsed. There are many sea defence schemes some more effective than others. Some may be very expensive, environmentally damaging or not very effective. defence type cost effectiveness environmental damage sea wall �6000 per meter 4. effective 6. very damaging revetment �2000 per meter 5. effective 5. visual damaging gabions �100 per meter 7. not effective 2. not damaging groynes �10000 each 3.effectiveness good 3. not that damaging rip-rap �3500 per meter 2.very effective 4. not that damaging beach rebuilding �3 per cubic meter 6. ...read more.


If spurn head was eroding away they could use beach rebuilding / nourishment. This replaces material lost by erosion each year. Material that has been lost by long-shore-drift is replaced with fresh material. This is and ongoing process and material often has to be replaced on an annual basis. This method has the advantage of having no visual pollution, and is thus favoured by the tourist industry, it is also very cheap. I would also put a groin at spurn point because at Eastington gas terminal there are rocks which would eventually erode away. The eroded waste would travel along the beach by long-shore-drift taking it to the tip of spurn point. If this did happen it would make either a tombolo (a bar which one end is attached to the land and one end to another piece of land or and island) or a bigger split resulting from deposition, blocking the river. The groin would prevent this, instead making a beach. ...read more.

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