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The Holderness Coastline.

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The Holderness Coastline (1) Where is the Holderness coast? The Holderness coastline is stated in The North-East of England On the East Coast of Yorkshire. Stretching from chalk headland of Flamborough Head To the Humber Estuary, Distance of around 75KM. The Coastline has Retreated Over 400m since Roman Time. (2) What are the causes of erosion on the Holderness coast? The Three main Causes of erosion on the Holderness Coastline are The Nature of the cliffs themselves are a cause because They are made of Soft glacial till which was deposited During the last Ice Age about 100,000 Years ago. The Soft glacial till is made of soft sand and clay, which is easily eroded. ...read more.


The sand and mud transported by the sea is eroded from the cliffs. The problem with the beach at the foot of the Holderness cliffs is that it is removed southwards by long shore drift as fast as the erosion of the cliff adds it to. Therefore there is no build up of beach material to protect the cliffs from erosion. A further problem facing this coast is that the sea level is rising. This makes the sea deeper, creating larger, more destructive waves. (3) What are the effects of erosion on the Holderness coast? The Effects of erosion on the Holderness coastline are the cliffs are receding and have been doing so for many years. ...read more.


They trap the material moving along the beach and it also protects the cliffs. The Groynes have worked well. Revetment is a sloping concrete wall that is laid like a carpet along the coast. These are ok but are a bit expensive. Gabions are quite good and if they get covered they are good because they won't look bad and are very cheap. Rip-Rap: These are large interlocking human-made boulders, which protect the coast by breaking up the waves. They are very expensive but do work. (5) Should more attempts be made to reduce erosion on this stretch of coast? Yes I think more attempts should be made towards the coastline because if we don't do it, maybe in 20-100 years it will start going into land and wipe out lots of land. We should do it because it may start doing it to other coasts as well. ...read more.

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