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The issue of building wind turbines on the edge of Sheffield.

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TASK 1: What is the issue? In November 2003 it was announced that Sheffield city council were looking for sites on the edge of Sheffield for a wind farm. The site would be on the high moorland next to the Peak District where it is very windy. There would be 15 wind turbines. It is hoped that eventually Sheffield would produce all its own electricity and even have a surplus to sell. So should be a wind farm on the edge of Sheffield? What is wind power? Wind power is the result of using the wind to generate electricity. Today, a large wind turbine can power all the electricity needs of about 350 homes. There are many different methods of producing electricity, including burning coal and other fossil fuels. Yet most of these ways hurt the environment by polluting the air and water, and releasing dangerous gases into the Earth's atmosphere. ...read more.


This reflects growing environmental concerns about global warming and acid rain. Where is the peak district national park? * The Peak District national park is located in the middle of England. It is surrounded by several cities and villages starting form Holm firth in the North, Stocksbridge in the North East, Sheffield in the East, Chesterfield in the South East, Leek in the South West and Stockport in the West. * The Peak District consists mainly of two parts the WHITE PEAK which is the Limestone landscape with flat plateaus cut by steep-sided valleys or 'dales' there are Strips of broadleaved woodland * This is a clear, fast flowing, sometimes seasonal rivers and streams. There are small villages and towns connected by valley roads. * The DARK PEAK in South which is the Grit stone landscape with dramatic, vast plateaus and long, rocky ridges and edges and sheltered deep valleys or 'cloughs'. ...read more.


Imagine having a picnic in an area surrounded by 15 thick towers of metal 44 metres height I am sure no body would like this sort of picnic. It is important that we realise that the Peak District is not the only suitable place in the UK for wind farms and we do not need a large amount of electricity if we save some energy by using insulation in our houses. The Peak District is a very beautiful place and millions of visitors visit it every year so I don not think spoiling the views of nature in the Peak District is a good idea. Yours truly, Will Smith The editor's Views: The Government's aspiration is that the UK should generate 10% of its electricity from renewable energy sources by 2010. If all that were provided by onshore wind turbines, we would need an area of land larger than both the North Yorkshire Moors and Peak District combined. In my opinion there are several solutions for this problem offshore wind farms is a good solution for building wind farms and using renewable energy without effecting the Peak District in anyway. ...read more.

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