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"The Longest Day" "Saving Private Ryan" Write a study of how both films present the events of June

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7th May 2002. Media Coursework "The Longest Day" "Saving Private Ryan" Write a study of how both films present the events of June 6th 1944. The two clips we saw didn't have the same things being shown in them or in other words, they were different. There's a major difference between the camera angles and camera and lens movements. The focus of the two clips are also different as the second clip, "Saving Private Ryan" focuses a bit more on the individual aspects and it showed more different emotions as compared to the other clip. And also the first clip was focusing more on the army as a whole and showed it as an open event. The two films are completely different in the form of their presentation; "Saving Private Ryan" looks more modern than "The Longest Day" seems to be. The length of events of the two films also differ as one seems to be longer than the other so this tells us one of the clips has more stuff in it. A lot of emotion and tension is shown in the two clips but you realise that, as the film goes on, more and more tension is built up. ...read more.


Another beach involved or shown in this clip was the Gold-Juno Beach which involved a little bit of comedy where we saw a man playing the bagpipe as the war went on. The first appearance of a cycle, aircraft and armour cars was shown in the scene on this beach. This clip didn't involve any colour and its opening sequence was as graphic as war footage. This clip shows the actions and events of the d-day landings in sections not as a whole scene that's why we encountered different beaches as the scenes went on. We also see that, the soldiers are cheering as they come out of their landing boats to show their bravado and their enthusiasm. This also shows us how prepared they were for the events of the d-day landings but as they finally got onto the shore, majority of the soldiers lost that courage and bravery. We also realise that they've put everything behind them and are focusing mainly on what their in for and you'll think they will make much progress because of the way and manner in which they started their attack. The extract "Saving Private Ryan" is next on my commentary. ...read more.


Tom Hanks saw all these things his men were going through felt bad about it. This very part of the play was in a slow motion form and I think it's the most dramatic scenes of the two films because everything halts and all you could see was the firing and the wounded men and Tom Hanks realising what his men were going through. It was also the fist time we saw some of the men relying on their religion to help them through what they were going in for like one of the soldiers kissing his cross and another one murmuring some things on his lips as he slowly rolls a long bead in his hands. There are many casualties in this extract as well as more dead and much more progress too. The camera lens and angles show extreme long shots and although the British troops suffered many casualties in the beginning stages, they showed very much courage and bravery as the scene moved on. The two scenes we experienced were different in the way they were presented, the activities in them and the progress of the troops. One extract showed different beaches along the same coast with attacks going on there as well while one showed only on beach where much of the attack was taking place. Anthony .A. Abladey 10 WD 1 ...read more.

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