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The Population Explosion- The world's population is growing rapidly; this population increase is putting pressure on the world's resources.

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The Population Explosion Key idea: - The world's population is growing rapidly; this population increase is putting pressure on the world's resources. Year 1100 1800 1900 1970 1995 Population in Millions 450 900 1800 3600 5700 See separate sheet for graph. ...read more.


1c. The worlds population in 1988 was 5 billion. 1d. It will take 60 years for the population to double. 2. Between 1750 and 1850 there was a slow increase in the population, from 1900 to 1980 there was a more rapid increase but in 1988 there was a population explosion mainly in DC's (Developing Countries) ...read more.


The greatest increase of population has been in LEDC's (Less economically developed countries) 5. Population increase means when the number of people in the world goes up. 6. Problems it could bring Not enough Accommodation Pollution will increase Depletion of fossil fuels Fish supplies reduced Fresh water access difficult Pressure on schools/ education Cultivatable land lost Too many people per doctor Too many old people (aging population) ...read more.

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