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The proposed housing development at Tidmarsh will have detrimental effect on the River Pang.

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Geography Coursework Total mark = Name Eugene Romero Form 11 Atkinson Teacher Mr. O' Connor Set 11 ACF Set 1 Introduction The coursework study is based upon the statement: "The proposed housing development at Tidmarsh will have detrimental effect on the River Pang". We have chosen the valleys of the rivers Pang and Loddon as the focus of our study since this allows us to examine important areas, which affect the coursework study. The aim is to find out what whither the housing development will or will not have detrimental affects on the River Pang. ...read more.


* In what ways do people's activities affect natural processes and landforms? * In what ways can processes and landforms be manages to minimise the negative effects and maximise the positive effect on people's activities? * Why do these conflicts arise? How can they best be managed? Methodology At various points on the river Pang measurements are to be taken to examine the hypothesis. This section explains how we conducted out investigation. What we did, why we did it and how we did it. Below is a list of the equipment used: 1) Width There are two measurements that need to be taken. ...read more.


To work out the average you must total up all the depths measured and divide that total by the number of depth readings taken. Depths will be measured at 25cm intervals across the river. This is shown in the diagram below: 3) Wetted Perimeter Using the metric tape, measure all the way around the cross-section of the channel that is in contact with the water. This is shown in the diagram below: HYDROLOGY RECORD SHEET Name of River: Pang Site number 1 Width Depth every 25cm Width Depth every 25cm 0.00 0 3.25 38 0.25 24 3.50 39 0.50 27 3.75 30 0.75 32 4.00 28 1.00 37 1.25 38 1.50 39 1.75 40 2.00 41 2.25 43 2.50 48 2.75 45 3.00 40 ...read more.

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