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The River Rhine, questions.

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The River Rhine William Laycock 9EM 16/01/03 Humanities Activity 1 1.The Rhine is considered hugely important to European trade as it flow through a large section of Western Europe so many countries can receive produce via the river. Also there are numerous numbers of factories along the river so they need a quick an affective way to ship there produce out of the country. Finally the Rhine flows into one of the worlds largest commercial ports at Rotterdam. 2a. Most of the Rhine's tributaries meet the Rhine in low areas of the river valley. 2b. This could cause problems in period of heavy rain as these low areas of ground just become giant flood plains causing millions of pounds worth of damage. 3a. Rock and hardcore earth are the most frequently carried, then comes ores and scrap metals which is closely followed by mineral oil products, then there are chemical products iron and steel then food and animal products, agricultural products fertilisers and machinery and vehicles. Finally with very little trade on the river is coal. ...read more.


2. The Nineteenth century attempt at flood control would not have worked for shipping as the modern version has a deeper channel allowing bigger boats through and also during times of flood the river is practicable. Also the river flows faster making the boats journeys faster. 3a. The 1930's version of flood protection was to protect the meadow and marshland, this would probably be so that they could build on the land. 3b. A faster flowing current is very dangerous as if a person falls into the river they are likely to be sucked under the water by the under-current and they will drown. Also if the river levees do happen to break the water will flow out very quickly given people less time to evacuate there properties. 4a. There were 2 main factors which caused the Rhine to flood Manheim the first of these was that the Rhine's water level was already very high due to the alpine snow melt. The second problem was that the river Neckar also flows into Manheim so there were two full rivers meeting causing a huge flood. ...read more.


1b. All sorts of industries are found some of these are plastics chemicals, oil refining etc.. 1c. A lot of pollution is found around the main industrial sites this is mainly nitrates, phosphates etc... Surprisingly thought the grand majority of pollution is found in and around Rotterdam. 1d. The main reason for this is that contaminated mud is being kept around Rotterdam as it cannot be dumped into the sea until it is fully dredged This could also be due to the fat that there are not many water testing areas around the Rhine so the pollution is only picked up around the Netherlands. Also it is because the pollution is carried downstream by the river. 1e. The Rhine action program has stopped pollution by the laws that companies are having to stop discharging toxic waste into the river, this had reduced large amounts of pollution by 1989. 2. There would be less damage done as early warning systems would pick up on the accident and stop the contamination before it got out of hand. Also there would be no dead fish floating around the surface as there are no more fish in the Rhine. 3. The main obstacle for the salmon would trying to avoid the turbines of hydro-electric power stations. ...read more.

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