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The task is to make an eco friendly rain forest where every one that live, works and uses the rain forests in their every day life.

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THE TASK The task is to make an eco friendly rain forest where every one that live, works and uses the rain forests in their every day life. We have to exploit and conserve the rain and rain forest so the controversy over this land can be concluded. I have been given the task to, as the consuplan, an international planning consultancy company, to devise a development plan for the Brazilian state, Roraima. The government would like to see Roraima developed. This will mean that areas of the rain forest will have to be exploited and some will be conserved. THE FACTS Some facts about Roraima are: * 85% of the state is covered in rain forest. * It is about half the size of the United Kingdom. * Roraima's population is 350,000 and the state capital, Boa Vista, consists of half that population. * Gold was discovered there in 1988 and this led to a gold rush. * The Yanomami Indians live in the rain forest and have a large intension to keep the rain forest. ...read more.


In the logging area there will be a part for the processing of raw materials so we can sell our product from our own country this will create more jobs and more trade which will bring more money in to the state. Logging areas runs manly along the roads that run though the cities. Logging is good because we can use the same land over and over again. We can do this by working in certain areas then moving into the other areas that have been chosen in thins time we can fertilise the ground and then plant more trees and keep repeating this process over and over again. CATTLE RANCHING The cattle ranching will be on the east side of the state and is approximately 75km by 400km. This land will be used over and over again so we don't have to move around. We are going to do this by only using some of the area given then fertilising the ground that has been used. We will also sell the cattle with in our own country and use the money. ...read more.


The dam will power all new metal works factories, it is the newest source of power and we will use it to its full potential. I chose to have this type of power supply because it is most clean and doesn't effect to much of the surrounding land. WHAT IT WILL DO The plan will get rid of some of the rain forest, which will course some controversy, but with time it will be a better conserver of the land. I hope the reserved rain will last forever. I have exploited most of the rain forest, at least 40% of the rain forest. But we will be conserving the other 60%. There are many facts, figures, people, land and a lot of controversy over the rain forest and who owns it. But I hope this plan will be under way soon and I hope it does the main aspect of the plan There is a lot of information to take in to account for this development plan almost too much but some thing has to be done to conserve the rain forest as well as exploit it. The rain forest will not last long with the needs and wants of today's society. ...read more.

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