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The Water Use in the UK and Globally

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The Water Use in the UK and Globally By Becky Wareham Introduction I will be discussing: * The trends in the demand for water both in the UK and globally, * Comparing the demands for water in more developed and less developed countries, * The supply of water in developed and less developed countries and see how this affects the amount of water used/ demand, * How the shortage of water can be addressed. The demand of Water in the UK and Globally The demand for water is increasing globally, particularly in Southern countries as they are generally MEDC. The UK is an MEDC and this causes the demand of water to be high due to technology etc. Also there is agriculture, though industry remains the major user of water in Europe. Over the past decade global water use has been climbing steadily because of increased population growth.


There is links between each factor, for instance the consumption is rising as access is easier and the population is rising causing the demand to rise. MEDC and LEDC demand for water & supply In an MEDC country like the UK, the demand for water is very compared to LEDC's. The supply in MEDC's is very good as most of the population have easy access to water, through taps etc. However LEDC's have difficult access to running water which is potable and so there water is in limited supply. The demand in rising in LEDC's due to the rise in population and the less developed countries developing further, so more technology is being used etc. The access in LEDC's affects the amount of water used and the easy access to potable water in MEDC's affects the amount of water used also as many take the advantage of running water in there house for granted so for instance they will leave the tap running


Some people have water meters which measures the amount of water that household uses and so they pay for the amount they use which gives that household the incentive to save water which means save money on there water bill. Conclusion Overall I have found that the main water usage is used for industry, domestic and agriculture. The main factor of the demand of water is due to a rising population as this is causing the demand and the consumption to rise so there needs to be a better access for water for the rising population. The main factors to help manage the shortage of water is to reduce leakage and demand management put into action and make sure everyone knows the effects of what they are currently doing on the future supply of water. So I feel that action should be taken immediately to stop the waste of water and control the demand or there will be a large cost the world will have to pay if they carry on with how they are using there water.

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