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There are few problems associated With tourism in Dorset.

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There are few problems associated With tourism in Dorset. Tourism is Dorset's foremost important type of industry. This is dominantly due to Dorset's coast being its largest asset. The tourism industry in Dorset provides sufficient amount of benefits to the local people or residents in Dorset. As it creates wealth and jobs for the living population. Alongside this tourism also aides with environmental improvements and increases the availability of additional leisure and transport services. The most beneficial to the tourist industry are those in search of jobs, as tourism alone provides 38,000 jobs as a whole. . The Dorset coastline alone attracts 13 million day visitors per year alongside 3.5 million overnight staying visitors, in relation to this tourism can also then generate an income of �380 million pounds annually. This may seem a positive impact however this also has its disadvantages. The main and most obvious is traffic both in terms of pedestrians and vehicles. ...read more.


Also another key social issue is that during the peak season the area will be densely populated with people therefore, the number of people sunbathing will be immense however this will raise concerns about the health impacts also the quality of water will be affected(poor). This will be a large concern and danger to the health of the young especially for schools etc as there are 25,000 educational visits annually. However these were mainly just the social issues which arise from the tourism there are also a number of both environmental and economical issues. The foremost will be the environmental impact due to the infrastructural overload. As the car parks are full due to the large number of people visiting therefore even more conflict will occur so another social and environmental problem would be that tourist were using the local resident's car parks which were provided for shopping but instead are being overtaken by visitors. A geographical/environmental issue concerning the coastline is global warming. As warm weather leads to increased sea levels meaning more storminess. ...read more.


These features will most definitely be of interest to children and teenagers. There are various other activities in Bournemouth too such as firework displays, dog trials, paragliding, jet skies, theatres and cinemas. However these will be a nit noisy for the local residents. The Dorset coast however attracts so many people every year because of its natural attractions. These include Portland Bill, Chesil Beach, Weymouth sands(beach), high quality bathing water facility, urban landscapes such as the Cobb at lyme Regis, Durlston Head(country parks), South West coast Path(attracting 1 million per year) also lastly places of importance geologically and geomorphologically i.e. Lulworth cove, the Fleet and Studland Bay. As you can see that although tourism generates business and wealth in Dorset it also arise social, environmental and economical issues for the locals and for the coastline a major threat being coastal erosion. However, this clearly shows that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages so although money is brought into the area it does not make up for the problems caused. Therefore tourism in Dorset needs to be managed but in a sustainable form. ...read more.

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