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There are many types of tourism like sustainable or eco tourism. Sustainable tourism is tourism of the future

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Introduction These days people have more holidays than ever before. Tourism is not the world's largest industry. Income from international tourism was US $476 billion in the year 2000. It employs over 200 million people worldwide. Through tourism we able to travel across the globe and learn more about world. The current growth of tourism is unsustainable and changes are going to have to take place. ...read more.


Tourism is a constantly changing industry many things influence where people choose to go on holiday. For example some people like to go to familiar places, others are looking for somewhere different. Diplomatic relations between nations also has a huge impact on tourism. For example a terrorist attack or a war can put tourists from visiting those countries. ...read more.


Such tourism would be under the control of the local communities which would have a less damaging impact on the natural environment and people. Another type of tourism is eco tourism. Eco tourism is where visitors treat the local environment with recpect, they use friendly soaps, shower gels. Shaving foam and all other cleaning fluids. Eco tourism is the most sustainable type of tourism. Chester is a fine example of tourism in the UK its rich in historical buildings, museums, art galleries even Chester zoo. Chester has between 65000 - 85000 visitors each month. ...read more.

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