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There are no problems with cutting down the rainforest. The effects are always good for both people and the environment.Discuss

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"There are no problems with cutting down the rainforest. The effects are always good for both people and the environment." Geography Essay By Luke Warner The Amazon is the biggest rainforest in the world. It stretches from Brazil to Ecuador. It holds billions of species, and has had a very long and eventful history. But all of this is at stake. A new threat has come, one that may destroy the rainforest forever. Deforestation. What are the benefits and costs of deforestation? This essay will look at the costs and benefits of deforestation in the Amazon. We shall be mainly focussing on the part of Amazonia in Brazil and the dangers to its existence. ...read more.


Another example of a cost is how un-efficient deforestation is. Once the trees are used, there is no use for the land. It is not a renewable power source. Deforestation also causes the soil to lose its fertility. This prevents the ability to re-grow new trees on the land. The used land becomes a wasteland. This now helps speed up global warming. This is because the trees are gone; so fewer trees are able to breathe in the CO2, as a consequence the atmosphere thickens. Then the overall temperature rises, causing ice caps to melt, and sea levels to rise. An example of a cost is also how the indigenous population of the Amazon Rainforest is being evicted from their homeland. ...read more.


The vast amount of resources in the Amazon can be used as an example. Form ores to wood, the Amazon is incredibly high in rich and luxurious resources, which are sold all over the world for a high price, giving a big boost to the Brazilian economy. With a better financial status, the government can afford to help the people who live in the slums of Brazil. Another example is how the land can be used for construction. For example the government could build: schools, hospitals, better housing and water purification buildings. As we can see by reading so far, there are numerous costs and benefits. Sadly there are more costs than benefits. The rainforest is disappearing, but if everyone tries to do their bit, and deforestation is stopped and replaced with a more eco-friendly system, then we may be able to help the rainforest. ...read more.

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