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To contrast population density variation in a country Case Study: Brazil

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Learning Objective To contrast population density variation in a country Case Study: Brazil SE Brazil NW Brazil High Population density Low Population Density Density > 50 people per km� Density < 50 people per km� Core Periphery *High lands are cooler and healthier *Hot & wet unhealthy climate *Reliable rainfall *Large areas by rivers often flood *Rich Terra Rosa Soils *Dense vegetation hard to clear for farming *Many minerals, Iron Ore, Gold *Soils are easily leached and eroded *Well developed transport *Limited transportation *Many government investments *Few ...read more.


farming *Money & Technology available *Little industry *Many People *Difficult communications *Nearby Markets *Steep slopes *Good soil *Far from markets *Good Farming *Few People *Good Industry *Poor transport/ inaccessible *Capital city Few job opportunities *Many Jobs *Lack of economical development *Amenities *Isolated *Transport *Few services *Core * Periphery WELL DEVELOPED INFRASTRUCTURE POORLY DEVELOPED INFRASTRUCTURE Starter; 1. Densely populated 2. Staving Child - famine 3. Nuclear Explosion 4. Scavenging 5. ...read more.


Stage 3 Falling birth rate - low death rate - high natural increase (population growth) Stage 4 Birth rate and death rate is low - low natural increase - high total population Learning Objective To consider how birthrates maybe reduced * Jobs & careers, Later Marriages * Free Family Planning / Birth Control * Reducing Poverty * Legislation Laws * Raising The Status Of Women * Education & Literacy Over Population And Thomas Malthus ...read more.

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