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To see how fast limestone dissolves in an acid solution.

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Surface Area Vicky Bishop Aim: To see how fast limestone dissolves in an acid solution. Prediction: I predict that that 1 solid limestone weighing 3g will take longer to dissolve than powdered limestone weighing 3g. I predict this because the more surface area there is exposed to the hydrochloric acid the faster reaction will take place, therefore it will dissolve quicker. Apparatus: Glass beaker Cork Hydrochloric acid Calcium Carbonate Glass bowl Stopwatch Method: 1) ...read more.


Time how long it takes for the limestone to stop bubbling and put the results in your table. 5) Repeat this with two pieces of limestone, three pieces and powdered limestone. Diagram Fair test: To make sure that this experiment is a fair test consider the following: * Make sure there is the same amount of Hydrochloric acid, this could affect the rate of reaction. * Make sure there is the limestone's weigh the same, if the weight is not the same the reaction time won't be accurate. ...read more.


I also noticed that it took less time for the two solid pieces and an even shorter period for the three solid pieces to disolve. Evaluation By looking at my graph I can see that my results are very accurate. I think that the equipment used and the way the experiment was conducted contributed to these results. If I were to redo this experiment I would change the weights of the limestone. ...read more.

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