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Travel Writing - Ibiza

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Travel Writing As I stepped out of the aeroplane, the heat hit me. You can always feel it straight away when you go some place warm. Anyway, I began walking towards our bus, pushing my suitcase trolley along with a squeak every time the front right wheel made a complete turn. I approached the bus and a random man seemed to come from nowhere, took the cases, and just threw them into the little hatch under the bus. He had an extremely unusual serious look on his face. I just left him to it and got on. We arrived at our hotel which seemed like a nice little cosy place. The beach was right in front of us - white sand, crystal clear water, the perfect, paradise beach. Out of the blue, a speed boat come flying round the cliffs, which surrounded the beach, with a speeding banana boat attached, and about six screaming maniacs holding on to try and stay as dry as possible. ...read more.


There were not that many people on the beach really, just the usual people sunbathing happily with an open book draped over their faces. Then, again it happened, the local banana boat man came speeding around the corner with his engine on full throttle making the loudest racket that could be possibly made by an engine of that size. It was like he was determined to wake the dead or something. Also, I noticed he had a grumpy, cranky look on his face, like he hated his job. I wouldn't really mind it, cruising around the 'Med' on a speed boat in hot weather as a living. Do me any day of the week thank you. He picked up a group of six people, id say they looked about twenty or so and sped off back from where he'd just came. Just at the end of the beach, slightly raised above the ground was a small bar. ...read more.


As I was sitting there after my meal, I suddenly realised how silent was everything. All that could be heard was the odd shout coming from the hotel and the sea creeping up the beach and then retreating back again. This time there was no grumpy, old banana boat man to spoil the peace and quiet, so I thought. Then, came the bin men. Wonderful I thought what kind of local council has the bin men call at ten in the evening? It seriously confused me. They were fairly odd people as well, they had dirty looking faces and green overall type clothes. They were mumbling some sort of gibberish to each other as well whilst wheeling every bin they could find towards the lorry. After they had left, it was closing time for the restaurant. I paced my way back to the hotel slowly enjoying the sound of the sea. It's quite a soothing sound really. Even though this resort was more boring than watching paint dry, it was extremely relaxing. Not really what you would expect when you go to Ibiza. Paul Taylor 10L ...read more.

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