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Travel Writing - Protaras is a captivating resort drenched in sunshine, unspoilt beaches, fishing coves and tiny inlets.

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Faye Mellor Travel Writing Protaras is a captivating resort drenched in sunshine, unspoilt beaches, fishing coves and tiny inlets. This is the place where I was lucky enough to spend two whole weeks during my summer holidays. Protaras is a town on the island of Cyprus; it is located in the white washed town area of Paralimni, which is known to the Cypriots as the 'land of windmills'. This is due to the whole area being dotted with some 1500 windmills, which bring up water from the underground for irrigating crops, mainly for the infamous Cyprus potatoes. Within the grounds of the 'Malama Holiday Village' the hotel my family and I were staying at had a private beach for hotel guests only. ...read more.


From this point you could clearly see the ghost town of Famagusta which was left Faye Mellor deserted after they were all driven out of their homes by the Turks. Another day we took a taxi to the nearby village of Xylophagou where we saw the 16th Century Church of St George as well as the medieval Venetian tower, which was once used, as an observation post to spot the approach of pirates. One of the most memorable moments of the holiday was when we took a day trip over to Egypt. It was expensive, costing around �239 each, but what we saw made up for the money spent. ...read more.


There are many places to eat so the choice is yours- open-air, unspoilt taverns known for their delicious local cuisine or an abundance of international restaurants to suite all tastes. The nightlife in Protaras is fun and has many things to do whatever your age. Though my sister and I spent many nights in Ayia Napa, the new party capital, with its many bars and well known clubs it draws in the Faye Mellor crowds of the young and single people and is just bursting with excitement. Protaras is calm but also has a growing nightlife. The 50-odd bars (mostly British) feature videos, sports TV and Karaoke. My family and I enjoyed the holiday so much we're going back again this summer and to put it bluntly, I just cannot wait. ...read more.

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