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Upland areas have increasingly become the playground of the population of the more economically developed countries both in the developed and developing world.

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Upland areas have increasingly become the playground of the population of the more economically developed countries both in the developed and developing world. Tourism is probably the biggest money making industry in the world. Now that people have better transport, tourism is spreading to the four corners of the Earth. For example the 'Himalayas'. These mountains are now open to take in more towns, ski resorts and a few small cities. This means though that the environment is being changed to suit us. The mountain areas such as the 'Himalayas' and the 'Alps', have had an isolated and thriving culture for hundreds of years. Now it is being opened up so new roads, tunnels and ski resorts, these are going to destroy the culture and environment forever. The growth in tourism has brought many benefits, but also has caused problems. Popular resorts and areas have grown rapidly, only to find that they are almost being over-run by tourism. Other areas that have relied on a natural resource to bring in tourists are suddenly finding that the huge numbers are beginning to threaten the very environment that attracted them there in the first place. ...read more.


Pollution is a very bad yet unnecessary problem that humans control. If say rubbish is dumped all over a mountain path it will be picked up by road sweepers but then dumped in an area where tourists do not go. Eventually this will build up until one day it will overflow and leave the mountain in a litter pile! To help some of these problems the following should be done. Forestry is one industry where the conservation of resources is very important. In some countries the natural wood resources are destroyed, never to be replaced. However an increasing amount of countries are introducing schemes to re-forest areas once the trees have been cut down. These are fast growing coniferous trees that take only about 25 years to reach maturity. This will then prevent flooding and avalanches. Recycling is a very important. Bottle banks, paper and tin recycling are all common features of our lives now, and they all help to keep the resources of the world. There are many natural products that can be recycled and the more that they are the better for the environment because there will be no litter. ...read more.


The increase in outdoor activities such as mountain biking, water sports and hang-gliding has put pressure on the natural resources of the area. The facilities for tourists have also come under pressure as more and more people come to the area. Solutions have been attempted, such as promoting other parts of the moor, introducing more tourist facilities and restricting where people can and cannot walk. These have been reasonably successful in protecting the area. Like the Alps and the Himalayas, Dartmoor is becoming over run by tourists. The moor does have one advantage over the mountains though. This is the weather and local government. Dartmoor does not have the best of building areas because of marshy wet land and farming areas. This is good because it protects the environment from becoming a local building site! Also because the UK is an MEDC (more economically developed country) the people have more of an understanding for their rights. This allows people to have more decisions and votes on what they want and don't want. The government acts as a hero in a way because in a way we are more sophisticated than an LEDC which allows us to know if a site should be protected or not. Whereas the people of an LEDC would destroy a rare site without thinking of the consequences. Guy Sweetman ...read more.

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