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Urban problems of London.

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Case study: Urban problems of London There are many problems that London's residents face, the urban problems that London faces are problems of growth, social, economic, environmental problems and the cycle of poverty, these problems are typical of any large city in the developed world. The urban problems that the central business district (CBD) face are crimes particularly muggings on the streets, graffiti on public and private properties and homeless people sleeping on the streets and on the doorsteps of shops and offices. The inner city has to put up with problems like racial anxiety, residents with large families mainly immigrants, pensioners, disabled and single parent families, few car owners, poor quality housing/ high density/ lacking amenities, crime, vandalism and graffiti. ...read more.


Mainly semiskilled/unskilled jobs. It is very expensive to maintain important services (health, education) and to pay/keep nurses and teachers. The suburbs and rural urban fringe faces problems involving time-distance-cost of commuting to work if in the city centre. Expensive transport e.g. underground, unreliable and dirty. The main economic problems in London are the high expenses of housing/ flats, services and transport. The growth of the city has also created environmental problems, the CBD faces problem including noise and air pollution caused by traffic. Problems with litter and waste collection and the polluted river. The inner city faces problems such as noise and air pollution from traffic, litter, problems of waste collection, graffiti, derelict buildings (housing/factories) ...read more.


causes poor health, low educational prospects, lack of educational resources, few opportunities for young people, many young people leave school early with few job prospects, poor living conditions and few prospects can lead to arise in crime, the area becomes run down a negative image is created which discourages help and investment and from here conditions get worse. The growth of London has never stopped expanding because most people want to live in London and don't want to move these problems be often emphasized by London's age and size. The level and strictness of the problems are not evenly spread across London and are greatest in the CBD and inner city areas. These problems are typical of any large city developed in the world. 08/05/2007 ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

A very generalized answer. To improve, this essay needs to incorporate a lot more specific examples from London itself, as well as including data to support the arguments.

Marked by teacher Molly Reynolds 07/04/2013

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