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Volcanic Eruptions : Monserrat

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Location of Monserrat and volcano Part of a string of islands created by volcanic eruptions, Monserrat is located in the Caribbean Sea, southwest of Puerto Rico. Source: http://www.factmonster.com/atlas/country/montserrat.html Facts about Monserrat Area- 38 sq. miles Population- 11,000 Capital- Plymouth Language/s- English Ethnic groups- Black, White Religions- Protestant, Roman Catholic Highest point- Chance's Peak 3,002ft (915 m) ...read more.


This is the first historical eruption. August 1995 Two-thirds of the population are evacuated to the north of the island, which is now the only safe point. April 1996 Monserrat's capital Plymouth is evacuated. June/July 1997 Due to pyroclastic flows, valleys and forests are covered in ash or lava and many buildings are destroyed by fire. ...read more.


The descending plate melts and magma rises to form a string of volcanoes. The volcano peak rises above the water, creating their characteristic arch-shape. Effect of the volcano Environment Volcanoes emanate sulphuric gases, recognised by their characteristic smell. The acid rain from the volcanic sulphur has led to the decline of vegetation in Monserrat. Source: http://sei.org/impactsTN.html#anchor9030 There is almost no recorded animal life close to the summit of the volcano. The bamboo forest, in close proximity to the volcano, which can result to ash clouds that will severely damage the bamboo forest. ...read more.

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