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We had been planning a holiday for a year to our home country India. My father and mother still have relatives there and my brother and I have been several times when we were very young

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We had been planning a holiday for a year to our home country India. My father and mother still have relatives there and my brother and I have been several times when we were very young. We hadn't had an overseas holiday for four years and were yearning for the sunshine and becoming tourists for a while. We awoke at four a.m. on a clear frosty December morning. It was very cold and could see the water vapor steaming from my mouth. There was very little traffic about and we could faintly hear the whirring of the milkman's float in the distance. We were heading for the beautiful south western state of Goa in India. Otherwise known as the 'Pearl of the Orient', Goa is a truly fascinating place to visit and perfect for those seeking a sun-drenched holiday in idyllic surroundings. With its beautiful natural scenery and unique cultural history, this area of western India is a firm favourite with holidaymakers from all over the world. This was to be our second visit there; we still had great memories of the palm-tree lined pristine beaches with crystal clear seas and a very interesting culture and history. We were packed and raring to go by the time our taxi arrived. "Beep Beep", the driver signaled impatiently. We arrived at London Heathrow's Terminal 4 in fifteen minutes as there was no traffic on the roads at five a.m. ...read more.


I definitely knew that we were in India from that very familiar distinctive smell and the amazing palm trees surrounding Dabolim airport. The heat and humidity hit you as if you were opening an oven door gushing at our faces. It was immense and the temperature was blistering. We went straight outside after we were swamped by porters dressed in bright uniforms offering to carry our luggage. We managed to get a suitable driver who could fit our entire luggage in his black and yellow taxi. There is one unmistakable thing about this country; it is the constant and maddening use of car horns. They use them to let someone know that they are coming from behind them, to tell them to move out of the way and an indication to tell them to listen to the abuse that is going to be shouted their way. After we passed a couple of swampy fields, derelict buildings, dark rainforest and gigantic cows casually strolling into the middle of the road, (they just don't budge until someone gets out of their car and starts to hit them with a stick), the beach resort of Nanu finally came into sight. We were all very excited. We have visited this particular resort before and because it was such a magnificent place we decided to patronize it again. Nanu Beach Resort is well spread in wide green stretches with verdant lawns giving it a typical Goan ambience. ...read more.


On the way there we bumped into several trinket sellers who were really keen on meeting tourists trying to sell them their particular products. They just do not give up. You finally have to resort to "go away!" Harsh, but a universal language that they seem to understand. The wildlife there was incredible, crabs, different types of birds and even the odd stray dog hanging around probing for a fragment of shade. At last the shacks serving drinks and food began to appear in great numbers and more people were dotted around sun bathing and more people were having a swim. There's more to Goa than just the beaches and we spent the rest of the week visiting ancient temples, spice gardens and waterfalls. We even visited the crocodile sanctuary in Panjim, the capital of Goa. The keeper showing tourists around had a theory about crocodiles; he said they cannot bite you if you are standing up straight because they can only open their jaws vertically. His legs however looked a little bit chewed. Gradually the magic of this place settled as gently and clingingly as pollen. Each day had tranquility, timelessness, about it; so that I wished that it would never end. Before we knew it the week was at an end and we were heading back to the airport in a taxi. We had a great time and absolutely loved the place and the people and would love to come back again soon. ?? ?? ?? ?? Goa-South West India Jagtar Singh Pandha Page 1 of 5 ...read more.

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