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What Are Leading Governments doing about Global Warming

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What Are Leading Governments doing about Global Warming At this moment in time governments seem to be doing very little about global warming due to the naivety of leading government officials. There are many ways in which they could help save or at least reduce emissions in many ways, as I will explore in this essay. There have been many opportunities for governments to help but still they do nothing about these problems. To be fair there has been a lot of talk about this but they don't seem to be putting it into action but there is some hope. As you will discover after reading this. American President George Bush is currently focused on a strategy to expand the use of alternative fuels mainly ethanol in an effort to slow America's oil consumption. This is called "twentybyten" it aims cut projected petrol consumption by a fifth within a decade. He is planning to do this by improving the fuel efficiency of the cars driven in America. But bluewater network which lobbies for better fuel economy standards, dismissed the proposal as being a "gift" to the motor industry. ...read more.


With more and more electrical products containing toxic chemicals and being thrown away and made toxic chemicals are increasing in the atmosphere. The positive is that Apple can easily remove this from its products but are a long ways away from their goal. If apple were to release an new ipod and it was only a upgrade from yours then apple should provide a thing in which can upgrade your current ipod apposed to having to buy a new one which would result in yet more toxic chemicals Greenpeace set up a campaign to stop apple from continuing to produce these toxic chemicals but despite this presure apple are withholding and little is unfortunately being done. I feel though when company's such as apple are causing such harm to the environment governments can make their mark by trying to push company into the direction of stopping them producing toxic chemicals. http://www.greenpeace.org/apple/itox.html 25th February 07 But Apple aren't the only culprit whom effect the environment. Major retailer Tesco make Apple seem like greenpece themselves. For example if you were to go to tesco's and buy one of their "Tesco Finest Range" pizzas it would of probably had to of been flown half the way round the world causing much disturbance to the environmental problems. ...read more.


"The world would have to pay 1 percent of its annual gross domestic product now to avert catastrophe but doing nothing could later cost five to 20 times that amount. However the European Union environment agency said that states such as "Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain" were doing to little about this catastrophic problem jeopardizing the chances of cutting down gas emissions by 8 percent by the year 2012 under the Kyoto treaty. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/businesstechnology/2003327491_warming28.html 25th Febuary 07 http://www.grida.no/climate/vital/graphics/large/18.jpg 25th Febuary As you can see above sea levels are rising and as you read this, coasts are being engulfed by seawater. We can only reduce the harm to our earth as now it seems, as we are too late to completely abolish global warming. Unfortunately world leaders are the only people who can make a difference big enough to save this planet and us but they are at the moment doing very little. With all the wars going on around this earth world leaders attention is more focused on them rather than the fact that the earth we live in is going to be destroyed not before to long. By Owen Taylor M9 ...read more.

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