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What are the advantages and disadvantages of studentification of an area?

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´╗┐What are the advantages and disadvantages of studentification? Studentification is the social and environmental changes caused by a very large number of students living in particular areas of a town or city. Studentification can have both advantages and disadvantages for an area, it depends on the area which way the balance lies. Students have a large spending power, and with some areas being home to a very large number of students, they can have a very positive effect on the economy. ...read more.


Furthermore, students are disruptive and cause congestion in many areas. In Bryn Road, Swansea there are 7 families and 95 homes, meaning the majority of occupants are students. There are usually about 3-5 cars per student home, and consequently parking is terrible in Bryn road. The increased car use caused by students can also cause air pollution which damages health and buildings. Although if public transport is improved and areas are pedestrianised then the problem will be reduced. ...read more.


"Swansea students have just raised £20,000 in rag week, which will be shared between local charities.” The students also bring investment to the city, improving the city through gentrification, the introduction of new shops and restaurants etc. Subsequently students increase job opportunities, as does the university itself, boosting the economy. Students also improve the local creative aspect of the city with music and visual arts. Also students help cities recover from deindustrialisation e.g. Leeds where students who stay after graduation help stem out-migration flows which stabilises the adult urban population. Despite that, the absence of families in an area due to the increase in students can cause school closures. ...read more.

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